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Cyware: An idea whose time has come

“No force on earth can stop an idea whose time has come” – Victor Hugo.

The above-mentioned quote brilliantly exemplifies the arrival of the cyber element in our lives. Cyberspace is not a technical entity but an idea that has revolutionized our lives. It is well integrated into our daily lives that starts with reading news on digital media, performing cashless transactions throughout the day, and wishing our loved ones goodnight before sleep. Our economy is also hugely dependent on digital networks, the internet, and the intranet.

However, cyberspace’s rise has also allowed malicious actors to exploit the vulnerabilities and loopholes in it for their interests. These actors can be non-state, infecting systems with malware to steal information for purely financial gain. They can be state-sponsored and tasked to steal sensitive government and corporate information, attack critical infrastructure and spread disinformation to achieve geopolitical goals. The magnitude and scale of such attacks are increasing exponentially and has motivated security experts to redesign the paradigm of cybersecurity. The next-gen cybersecurity paradigm is now being built upon the cyber situational awareness that empowers an individual and organizations through real-time threat intelligence, information, and analysis, thereby providing a time window for taking precautionary and corrective measures is “sine qua non” for pre-empting any breach or incident.


One of the excellent platforms inculcating situational awareness among security professionals and general internet users alike is Cyware. It is a first of its kind platform for cybersecurity professionals and general internet users to stay informed about the latest happenings in the cyber world with expertly curated cyber stories and updates. Powered by IBM Watson, these stories are selected from amongst the best of the hundreds and thousands of cyber news published daily over the internet.

Every security expert now understands that a new era has arrived. The leadership teams know that a single breach can lead to unimaginable costs. They require a platform that empowers them and enables them to share information, assessment, and intelligence on cyber threats with their security teams, clients, peers, and this is what Cyware exactly does. The cyber news stories shared by Cyware bring tactical understanding and awareness of the happenings in cyberspace, their implications, and consequences for the industry, which makes it easier for organizations to understand the threats they are facing and how to fight them.

Apart from the industry professionals, Cyware also works towards empowering a general internet user. Every individual who uses the internet for various tasks, be it online transactions, communicating through emails, socializing through social media, is a potential target for hackers. The hackers use sophisticated techniques like spearphishing, scam calls IVR phishing, and deploy deadly malware like hybrid Trojans and ransomware to steal sensitive information for conducting financial fraud and identity theft. Cyware works by educating its users against these threats by disseminating information on the latest scams, frauds, malware, social media threats, and best practices for improving cyber hygiene. The aim to empower users through cyber awareness and prevent them from being sitting ducks to hackers.

Cyware is emerging as a game-changer in cybersecurity by force-multiplying the security preparedness of individuals and organizations. Similar to the idea of cyberspace, Cyware is an idea whose time has come. It will dramatically transform the concept of cybersecurity; and its elements that include preparedness, mitigation, and response to threats and threat actors. It is recommended that every organization and individual should use this platform and be cyber aware.

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