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5 Aspects Of A Successful Business Website Design

Web design is still a relatively unknown skill, and designing for business is a little bit different than designing a website for that cat, Puffles.  Business sites need to be able to draw people into their proverbial lair and show just why they need their services.

Successful business websites provide a few basic check marks for wandering consumers.  Web users want to quickly find themselves interested in what a site has to offer.  Take a moment to look over a few of the most effective techniques used in countless successful web designs, and see just how little it takes to optimize the company homepage.

The big and bad homepage

A website’s homepage is clearly the most important piece of the professional web design puzzle.  If the homepage is less than desirable and gives no information as to why someone would want to stay on the page, then it will not be very helpful in boosting business.

Homepage design should introduce the site’s color palette and offer links to all the major pieces of information a person could need to know about the business.  Line the top of the page with organized options for ease of navigation.

Just so they know

No matter the type of business being conducted, people will always have questions.  In fact, they will have the same questions over and over if someone does not post the answers in an easy to access location on the company’s website, the customer service people will be overworked with frivolous inquiries.

Every successful website has an extensive FAQ page link.  Simple answers for what seem like simple questions will only take up unnecessary time of valued employees.  Write those questions down, and submit the answers for all to see.  Hopefully, web users will take the bait.

Let people see with whom they are working



The “About Us” section of a website is more important than most may think.  Companies that allow the public a small glimpse into the office tend to fare better than those who remain anonymous.

People like to know with whom they are working.  They enjoy knowing the background of the company’s founding members and if their seller is a cat or a dog person.  Do not give out too much information, but make it personable.

Intuitive navigation is the goal

The web user’s ability to find what they seek on a website is a large deciding factor in the company’s success.  If people cannot find something they need, then how are they supposed to purchase that item?

The navigational ease of a business website will make or break a sale.  If the company does not want to throw their money in the trashcan, then they will invest in designing a website that is simple and easy to navigate.

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