The 5 Benefits of a Website Redesign for Businesses

If you are a business, then most probably you’ll have a website. But is your website achieving its goal? Does it work the way it should? And most importantly, are you and your customers/visitors happy with it?

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If you answer no to any of the above questions, then you should consider a website redesign.

Some other situations when you should consider a website redesign

  • It’s old and ancient-looking
  • It’s not responsive to mobile devices.
  • Visitors drop too quickly.
  • It is slow
  • It does not follow UX principles.

And etc.

Web sites are not just extensions to the main store anymore. They have become the main gate of the store. Every day, more and more people are reaching for the internet to search for products and services. Your gate should be built in a way that handles this wave of visitors.

So here are the benefits of a website redesign for your business –

Better User Perception

Eye candy is inevitable. Humans are attracted to shiny things, and it is no different from websites. When you redesign your website, you will get a chance to create positive perceptions of your business in your visitors’ minds. People will perceive your business and attitude as modern if you keep your website up to date.

Let’s say you are a business that deals with web design in Melbourne. But your own website looks like it has been here even before the dinosaurs. Do you think visitors would like to do business with you?

Unless you are going for a particular aesthetic, it’s always best to update your site to the latest standards and trends. This is especially important if you established the site a long time back and have not updated it yet. You don’t have to go overboard; just keep it modern enough.

Conversions Become Easier

If you are a website for leads to convert, but it fails to do its job, then a website redesign should be considered. It could solve problems like the old and outdated checkout processes, the confusing navigation, or improving the calls to action, which aren’t correct.

A new website design will resolve all of these issues and make your visitors more likely to convert. The better their experience of using your site, the more likely they are to keep using or ordering your product.

Integrate Other Channels

If your business has multiple social channels and blogs, it becomes easier if your website is ready for it. You can put in testimonials, reviews, and other social activity directly on your website and let your visitors know more about you. By being an active participant on social media, you can engage and help others and thus build a loyal following that one day will translate into more business.


Search engines love websites with optimized design and fast loading speeds. If your website is slow and does not run well on mobile devices, you should plan a website redesign immediately. Your brand new website is also bound to generate plenty of natural link juice.

Apart from this, the content structure, value proposition messaging, frontend code, mobile responsiveness, and link structures will also make your website gain better rankings. And as we know, better rankings mean better business opportunities.

Easier to Manage and Maintain

Unless you have a dedicated team of developers and designers, you should consider redesigning your old site to something more manageable. Many CMS systems exist in the market that allows you to manage and maintain the website without any technical knowledge. If you are a small team, then the time saved through the CMS can be invested in more productive and business generating tasks.

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