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3 Ways to Secure Your Business iPhone

Bring Your Own Device has nearly permeated modern business culture, as remote and office-based workers use their own technology to conduct business. However, this can open you and your company up to a number of security risks, especially since these devices will be used beyond of the company walls for tasks that are personal and work-related. There are ways that IT departments and employees can be proactive about protecting sensitive data while using a BYOD approach for iPhones.

Use a Passcode Lock

This is the first line of defense your phone has when it falls into someone else’s hands. You might have left your iPhone in a taxi or maybe it was stolen. While this can be a tragedy due to the expense of the phone itself, it can be even worse if you haven’t secured the important work data stored on it, like contacts, email accounts, notes, and even passwords. If you haven’t set a passcode yet, do it now by jumping into the Settings menu and selecting “Passcode.” Pro tip: you can make your phone even more secure by turning off “Simple Passcode,” which allows you to create a custom password that includes letters, numbers, and special characters.



Avoid Mixing Social Media

If you plan to manage work social media from your personal iPhone, you might not want to use your personal social media accounts from this device. You might accidentally post to the wrong account, which can be disastrous for your public relations rep. If you still want to use your iPhone for social media, then consider separating work accounts from personal accounts by using completely different social media apps. For example, Buffer could be used solely for work, while the official Twitter apps can be used for personal reasons.

Use Find my iPhone

This can be a lifesaver for companies that rely on BYOD tech. Apple’s Find my iPhone services is included with a free iCloud membership. If your iPhone is lost in a public place, you can log onto the iCloud website to track the phone, remotely lock it, and even erase all data. The last two options are ideal if you are worried about strangers poking their noses into your information, such as work documents, patient health information, or personal emails. Just imagine your IT department’s sigh of relief when you tell them that a lost phone has been wiped clean of data.

IPhones used for both personal and business reasons can introduce many security concerns. You can protect data by setting passcodes and enabling device trackers. These efforts can pay off in the long run, protecting your data from digital thieves.

Choosing a Data Recovery Company in case of Data Loss

Why is Data Recovery necessary for us?

Data Recovery has become an indispensable part of our lives because it deals with the process of retrieving or restoring the lost data. Can you afford to lose those important confidential media files which remain integral for your company’s growth? Or even worse, can you afford to see your company recurring losses even for one single day? If even the thought of such a thing happening can leave you panicky then you already know that what you need to invest in. And do you know what is the worst part? All this comes without any warning systems. You can lose your data anytime, anywhere without receiving any red signals. I am sure you can already feel a nightmare hitting you. Didn’t I guess it right? Hence, it if you are running an IT company, then have a Data Recovery System is the safest and secure option you definitely need to go for without any second thought in your mind.

With the increase in E-Commerce activities and everyone’s extensive use of mobiles, laptops, computers and everything happening at a click of the mouse, having digital data can be extremely risky and precarious. And hence, you need to be cautious about taking all precautions to prevent the loss of data forever. You need to take it very seriously. Hence, choosing a data recovery company is a need for an hour and cannot be compromised with at any cost.

It is necessary to have a good back up plan so that you never lose out on your information anytime. But, the question that may arise in your mind is why you need a good data recovery company for such purposes? How does associating with a good data recovery company would be of immense support for you? Well, the answer to your doubts is quite simple. It’s not always possible to have resources to run the backups on daily, weekly or even monthly basis. You need to burn a big hole in your pocket to meet the growing requirements of your company. Hence, having a data recovery firm in such cases can be a great relief for you.

Did you know that you can retrieve information even after hard disk crashes? Skilled technicians can recover information even from a hard disk which is badly damaged. Hence, with the right tools and techniques, a data recovery company can help you greatly and prove to be supported in times of your crisis. However, recovery of data depends on other factors too. In case, you have a grave problem then it may take a longer time to recover the data. So you need to be patient with the results.

What All You Need to look in a Data Recovering Company?



First of all, you need to make sure that the company holds a good amount of experience in the field. You can also check through their past records and success rates to get a better idea about things. Secondly, it becomes important for you to choose a company which holds extensive specialization with your particular device. Hence, in a nutshell, you need to be making prudent decisions and investing in the right firm is your call.

What makes Platinum Data Recovery stand out in the crowd among hundreds of other data recovery firms is that with its team of certified engineers you can be assured of investing your money in the right direction. The firm holds an experience of over 15 years and with a 95% success rate, you can simply sit back and relax with no worries.

Three ways to utilize big data for your business

As business technical systems gather more and more information on products, services, customers, and suppliers, the datasets get bigger and bigger and often become very complex. That can mean that, unless properly organized, they can also become slow and inefficient. That’s why the network distributed file system from MooseFS has become so popular. Its reliability, fault-tolerance, and high performance makes a huge difference to business efficiency and will help your company make the best use of big data. Here are some of the benefits you can get with virtually limitless storage space for big data, such as that provided by MooseFS software.

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Improve your business marketing

Let’s start close to home and consider your business website. You probably get regular updates on visitors to your site, but how much more do you know about them? Well, big data can provide you with some answers. You can use tools to generate reports detailing, for example, the number of unique visitors to your site. You can also often find out how frequently they visit, as well as their age, level of education, ethnicity, gender and level of income. An analysis can also tell you how many visitors are accessing your site from mobile devices and their geographic location. From that information you will get an idea of other products or services in which your visitors are likely to be interested. Once you understand who your site visitors are, you can adjust your marketing strategy to target them more accurately.

Explore trends

Specific tools can transform big data into insight. If you notice there is a particular phrase or keyword that crops up a lot in online searches, for instance, and it is relevant to your business, it’s a smart move to try to find a way to incorporate it into information about your enterprise. If you have an online blog, for example, you might include such terms in your regular posts and hyperlink them to specific products or services. You can also use big data to predict future trends, particularly if you see something that is beginning to have wide appeal across age ranges or geographical boundaries. Sometimes, by examining past trends you can get a clearer picture what the business future may hold.

Make better use of social media

You can make good use of social media for your business if you monitor comments made online about your brand, your customer service, your competitors or any other areas that are relevant. Thank people when they are complimentary and respond as soon as possible to negative comments or complaints. Quickly dealing with issues and solving any problems is a positive way to engage and show you care about your customers. After all, if you help out a client who has complained or criticized your brand you have the potential to convert them into an advocate for your brand. There are lots of tools available that use big data to make it possible for you to monitor all the social media sites you use regularly, as well as blogs, images, and videos where applicable.

3 Big Data Trends Expected to Shape AI in 2018

2017 was the year of Big Data. In fact, it is no longer a buzzword as more and more enterprises are preparing to capitalize on hitherto untapped potential. Going forward, 2018 will be the year of convergence between Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. With AI becoming smarter and increasing adoption of cloud first technologies, data analytics will involve more advanced technological capabilities consolidated in enterprise solutions benefitting people and businesses. Many forces that have influenced the growth of AI so far will continue to make an impact, however, by understanding these emerging trends your company will be better prepared to leverage Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

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Blockchain Technology Meets Big Data

As of now, blockchain technologies’ applications are limited to cryptocurrency and finance; we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg. Looking at the current market trends, it is hard to see Big Data and AI without blockchain. As blockchain continues to gain popularity, a combination of Big Data, AI and blockchain could be the future of networking and transform the way we work with data.

AI has plenty to bring to the table when it comes to security. Convergence of AI and blockchain is ideal for storing sensitive data, which when processed and analyzed can unlock new doors of opportunities. As we continue to advance, we are going to see more breakthroughs in the field of machine learning powered by blockchain technology.

New Generation Chatbots

There has been a lot of hype around chatbots until now with little to show for it. However, 2017 was the year businesses finally started getting returns. An Oracle survey reveals that 80% of businesses want chatbots by 2020. The number is justified as AI-powered chatbots are transforming the e-commerce marketplace, customer service, travel and hospitality, banking and even human resources.

No matter these chatbots are successful in getting the job done to an extent, they still lack the human touch. People can always differentiate when chatting with a human or a bot. Big data, at the same time, can pave way for the next-generation chatbots which can utilize this huge chunk of data. AI combined with Big Data will surely change the way how bots interact with humans. 2018 will see broader adoption of big data to leverage the benefits of an increased humanly interaction to generate more sales and foster customer loyalty.

Edge Computing

Traditional AI technology required a vast amount of processing power to run complex algorithms which made deployment in distant locations impractical. In contrast, edge computing technologies make integration of AI-powered systems into their architectures impossible. At present, each of the technologies needs to overcome these limitations in order for this partnership to take place.

Combing these two technologies for use in Industrial IoT could result in a match made in heaven. Predictive maintenance is one of the few areas when Edge-AI partnership could greatly improve IoT system output. A huge opportunity lies in intelligent transportation systems like self-driving cars and traffic management systems where the importance of safety is paramount.


Three Tips to Improve the ROI on Your CMMS Investment

Every business requires good maintenance for it grow the investment is supposed to be the most important aspect of its expansion that’s when the Computerized maintenance management system CMMS tools come to its rescue as it is the most reliable tool for investment in the business which requires an inventory management. Businessmen are considering it as the most crucial investment, which works in their favour in also, rewards them in long-term.

  1. Asset configuration of the system– The range of features in the CMMS are in vast variety but the most popular among them is the asset management which is highly practised by the firm managers as it is convenient to get the returns in high numbers for the client. The management of assets are solely for the purpose of providing facilitation to the management teams to help them in taking decisions which are well informed and can be made by them on their shifts also.

The tracking of the monetary costs can have performed for the assets by recording their frequency that have been issued. The assets life is very important which completely depends upon the asset maintenance into the CMMS database. The client must focus on to put more number of assets in the system as it will result in more effective rewards for the client as well.

2. Decreasing the Cost of Handling Data – The management of documents is to be given to the correct organization or it can result in extra cost such as the Blueprints of data and the seller communication and if not monitored can result in high cost in handling data. The total time spend is of 4 weeks and if any error occurs like finding a lost document it will result in price rise up to two hundred dollars this the time and money which should be spent for the betterment of asset rewards.

The past documentation of assets state that an ideal document cost should be about 70% spent on work of the total cost and 19% on the utilization of asset space and for other miscellaneous expenses is kept for 11%. The CMMS which is properly handled can result in the smooth process of document handling which is by saving a scanned copy of the data which is required for the sending or copying of data and must be kept associated with the considered asset it is important for avoiding the extra cost of Handling data.

3. Upgrading the Maintenance Database– the CMMS software can be secured by organizing preventive maintenance plan, which will ensure the data to be kept safe by avoiding any system problems. Companies have managed their assets in such manner that it is regularly upgraded, which makes this practice useful. The maintenance of data must be improved for them in a well-organized structure, which will reduce the expenditure of cost successfully. The company must have a procedure, which will help them prevent the mistake, rather than considering of fixing the mistake is more likely to save at least 12 to 18 percent of on their total expenditure cost. Return on save can be calculated by annual cost multiple saved percentage the staff of the company plays a crucial role in the overall performance of the company. If they are carrying mobile phones with them because it is the most popular communication device and will provide them with the efficiency to perform tasks from anywhere and anytime and the total time consumption will also reduce rapidly as it will be easy to perform a certain task at a time.

The above-mentioned points are gathered for the improvement of Return on Investments in CMMS and will surely guide you to the safe process on investments.

Effective Tips to Protect your Home or Workspace PC

Internet being a global platform of communication offers various problems when surfing or conducting a business online. In this digital world, it has become essential to secure our data from viruses, malware and hackers. Do you know viruses can delete important files once they get into our PC?  Hackers too can take the advantage of using our credentials in various malicious activities. So don’t you think it has become integral part to secure our PCs? Let’s discover some effective ways by which you can protect your PC while working online.

Turning ON Firewall protection:

Firewall is considered to be the security guard of your computerNormally PCs have firewall programs installed on them that obstruct any unauthorized program from entering into our PC’s during online transactions. Firewalls are available in hardwareand software forms but both have different purpose. It is mandatory to turn on the firewall when working on a computer as it gives a notification of any unauthorized program trying to enter your computer.

Installing antivirus software:

Virus is another alarming issue for the computer users. Viruses are transmitted in our PCs either through emails or download, causing unexpected loss or damages to files stored. Viruses can be restricted from entering our computers by the installation of antivirus programs. These programs not only prevent the penetrations of viruses on our computers but also make it secure by safe removal of existing ones. Further, these programs provide regular scanning of the computer system and detecting them at an early stage before they infect our PC and corrupt valuable data. Besides their installation, these antivirus softwareshould be regularly updated. Even if your data files have been completely lost with almost no chances of recovery, you can take the advantage of data recovery services to recollect your lost data.

Installing only trusted software:

You should try to avoid installing additional software that are accompanied with catchy lines. Often, these catchy lines lure you to download malicious software which can compromise the security of your computer system. You must make sure that you download software from trusted sources only.

Updating the browser and PC:

Browsers may contain bugs that help the hackers to attack the confidential information stored on your computer. In order to secure your PCs from hackers, you should always keep your browser and PC updated as it provides a smoother and safer platform for working.

Use Strong passwords:

The password is an area we tend to be lenient with. You should always set a strong and unique password. Setting such a password provides an extra layer of security and eliminates the risk of getting the accounts hacked. A new feature of twostepauthentication should be implemented as it provides better securitization.

Be careful with emails:

Ignoring and spamming the emails of those who are unknown to you can be another way of securing your PCs. You must not download or open the attachments unless you are aware of the person sending them.

Your PCs security is in your hands. So make sure you take proactive measures to improve the security of your computer to safeguard your precious data.