Best Summer Tips for Keeping your Office Energy in Budget

Mapping out your energy budget can be very difficult depending on the size and scale of your business. As your business begins to grow, it’s ideal to hire an energy management company that will use cutting-edge energy technology to provide costs-savings measures and allow your business to budget for your annual energy costs.



For SME’s and big corporations, conducting an energy audit on your office can identify areas where energy is being wasted. A study by the EPA found that on average commercial buildings waste nearly 30% of their total energy consumed.

Consider a retro-commissioning of your office, which can result in a cost savings of nearly 16% annually and pay for itself in a little over a year. Let’s discuss additional tips you can incorporate into your office to produce cost savings on your summer utility bill.

$180 annually because your HVAC unit will continually shut on and off to keep up with any temperature changes. Continually cycling the thermostat between different temperatures also requires more power.

Placing the thermostat at one degree higher in the summer results in a cost savings of 6-8% on utility costs annually. Ensure there are no cracks or leaks at the office where hot air can seep through and that all doors and window are closed to maintain a steady flow of cool air.

Technology fans can reach peak efficiency by installing a smart thermostat that will adjust the temperature of the office based on its occupancy. Your programmable thermostat can also work with Amazon’s Alexa and can be operated and monitored from any location.

Be sure to choose the right spot to stick your thermostat. A thermostat next to a hot window will cause your HVAC unit to work harder. Be sure that no furniture or appliances are blocking any registers that allow for heat to escape.

Here’s some additional tips to reduce cooling costs. If you treat your employees to some lunch, be sure to eat out. The amount of heat produced from cooking food in your kitchen is enough to create a sweat box.

Oh yeah, turn down that the temperature of that water pump. Who needs scolding hot water to wash their hands, it’s summer for crying out loud!

energy costs and potentially invest more money into expansion through smart energy measures.

Team Building

Finally, energy savings and conservancy should be the central focus of any administrative team. Conduct an educational seminar on smart energy practices to help save your business hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars annually.

As team members, you can begin conducting virtual meetings with clients and customers to save money on fuel expenses. Certain industries can practically remove the need for an office altogether by having employees work remote or utilize coworking centers. Consider doing some team building exercises, such as planting a tree near your office’s southern and western windows to cool the office.

Produce an accountability program that requires team members to unplug equipment at the end of the night and follow proper smart energy protocols. Make it fun.


Nearly every energy saving measure and investment on this list will produce a much higher return on investment than its initial spend. Not only do smart energy initiatives save your business money, but they are also good for customers who are becoming more conscious of businesses who utilize green technology. No business ever survived by failing to adapt to change, whether it’s in the consumer market or even offsetting rising energy costs.


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