How to Transfer Books from iPhone to PC?

eBooks certainly have become much easier to access. If you have an iPhone, there is a whole range of eBooks to choose from on iTunes. It certainly has just become routine now to be reading eBooks, and it feels like bookshops and libraries have become much less a part of our lives than they were before. Being able to carry multiple books on one device makes it easy. But then the ways of moving them from that device can be limited. Do you have eBooks on your iPhone or iPad that you would like to be able to move to another device? There is a simple way to transfer books from iPhone to PC.

Lost or Stolen?

It might be that you want to have backups for your eBooks. You may even want to share them. And the other question is, what happens if you lose your device, or it is damaged, or it gets stolen? Getting access to your files can be a stressful experience if you have to go through iTunes. The syncing process can make the management of your files less straightforward, and to gain access to your files from other devices can be very difficult. Therefore, many people would be glad to have a way to have no longer use the iTunes sync process.

Advanced iPhone Books Transfer – MobiKin Assistant for iOS


These are versatile applications that can work on iOS devices and platforms. One of the most effective managers you will be able to use is the Mobikin Assistant for iOS. It has a range of suitable features if you have limited technical knowledge or if you are a more advanced user, and it has been set up to make it easy to identify and transfer files and manage them as you need. What’s more, this program has the ability to provide an intuitive format for the identification of your files with a range of information about the file’s size and numbers that will be useful when looking to transfer. So, it is really a good choice for transferring books from iPhone to computer or Mac.

This is a very user-friendly program that can simplify the transfer of your eBooks. It ensures that you can access them once they are transferred, and you will be able to manage where you want them to be located so that in the future, you will have no trouble accessing them, and you will not have to use iTunes sync. All benefits to simplify your access to your eBooks.

Click here to see how to transfer books from iPhone X/8/7 to PC/Mac in details >>


MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Windows/Mac) is really a practical tool for transferring or managing iPhone files by yourself. We hope this program can help you improve your working efficiency in digital life.

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