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Transfer Books from iPhone to Computer or PC

Books have been feeding human intellect from the ancient past and now a digitalised version of books has become very popular. Nowadays people are taking special interest in reading e-Books which can be of any kind like novels, textbook, comics and many others. IPhone users can read e-Books in their device and some people might have a collection of hundreds of amazing e-Books. So if you have got a huge collection of e-Books and want to save it somewhere safe then you are at the right place. There are ways by which you can save all your e-Books in your PC or mac absolutely safe without changing the file format and without any loss of data. You all know that when your iOS device is connected to the computer you can transfer e-Books from your local disk to iPhone by drag and drop using the iTunes. But there is a problem if the transfer is other way round that is you want to export the e-Books from your iPhone to your Computer or Mac. So we would recommend you to use MobiKin Assistant for iOS to transfer Books from iPhone to computer.

MobiKin assistant for iOS is very powerful software and is capable of transferring all types of files and moreover this application program can be used to transfer audiobooks from different types of iOS devices, it is compatible with every iOS device. There are two different version of the software for Windows and Mac. This software can be handled very easily and with no expertise knowledge also. The program is just simple and yet powerful and can meet to the requirement of majority of the users. During the transfer process no information is lost and thus there is no change is the file type also. The files can also be restored in the same format without any loss of data.

How to Transfer PDF or ePub eBooks from iPhone 6/5S/5/4S to Computer

· First of all download and install the program on your personal computer. Connect your device with the computer.

· Connect your iPhone to your personal computer using a USB cable. Launch the program and your device will be automatically detected by the application.

· An interface will appear with many options and on the left side you will find e-Books click on it.

· Preview all the e-Books and audiobooks which are saved in your iPhone. Select from those which needs to be transferred.

Click on the export button and all the files chosen will be transferred to the computer without any damage to the original file.