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What is a Digital PR Agency?

Companies just like yours spend nearly $120 billion on digital marketing every year, and often a share of that money goes to what they deem the best SEO company. UK organizations pair with SEO companies for far more than SEO. Often they pair with them for a variety of digital marketing tasks, including digital PR. Agency groups work to provide businesses across the UK with better digital PR, and if you haven’t yet invested in this facet of digital marketing, the time is now. What exactly is a digital PR agency, though, and what can they do for you? Take a look.

Digital PR Agency

Toward a Definition

Digital PR is essentially an online marketing strategy that businesses use to increase their overall web presence. Digital PR agencies work with several experts, including bloggers, social media gurus, and online press release outlets, to get what they need – content, links, and mentions.

Is Digital PR Different From Traditional PR?

Absolutely! Traditional PR means physical networking with individuals, print publications, TV channels, and radio stations to make certain clients are covered. However, print media is a far less powerful resource than it once was, and digital PR methods are wholly different from those employed by traditional PR outlets.

Why Does It Matter?

Digital PR matters a great deal. It’s the single most important way that you’re going to find your target audience. A good digital PR strategy can improve your overall SEO rankings, which means you’re far more likely to appear in those top five results. It can increase your overall web traffic, which could translate directly into better sales. It also helps build brand awareness, helping you find customers who may not have otherwise connected with your brand. Most importantly, digital PR helps to increase lead generation and sales numbers.

What’s Involved in Digital PR?

There are many different ways agencies work to promote websites like yours as they look for the best results. One of the simplest is ensuring your company website makes it to your vertical major directories. Influencer marketing is another way many digital pr agencies help promote their brands. This is the practice of having an influencer mention your brand on their choice’s social media platform. Press releases are often involved in digital PR, as are blog guest posts. Affiliate programs are also sometimes included in the process.

What Defines Success?

As with any other digital marketing activity, understanding what defines success for digital PR is essential to make certain you’re getting the biggest possible return on your investment. It’s important to note, though, that different campaigns have different outcomes, so knowing where to compare and how to do so is important before you start looking at the metrics. There are several different factors you can consider as you look toward success, though. Your referral traffic is one space to consider. The backlinks you’re getting are another good choice. Additionally, you may want to look at the domain authority of the links you’ve gotten. Finally, look for correlations between the launch of your campaign and traffic growth or sales growth, as well as a correlation between the start of the campaign and your brand awareness numbers.

The Right Help

Digital PR isn’t an easy task, but it’s a must if you want to survive in a digital marketing-based world. If you’re looking for the best SEO company in UK business trust for digital PR activities, look no further than Reposition. A full-service digital PR agency, we’ll help you decide which PR activities are best going to meet your company’s needs and what metrics to consider as you look toward success. We’ve worked with hundreds of brands just like yours, providing them with the digital PR help they need and ensuring they meet their goals. To learn more about how we can help you in the world of digital PR or how we can optimize your site to improve better any metrics you’re currently considering, reach out to us today. We can’t wait to help introduce your brand to more customers than you ever thought possible!

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