Different Methods Of Education Over the Years

Education is a funny topic. There are so many different opinions. And so many people think that their way is the only way. Or that their parents’ way was the only way. Or the only way is something that hasn’t happened yet because humanity is still learning as we go along.

Most likely, though, the best answer is a combination of the past, present, and future, and a variety of all of the variations that have been developed over time as represented by the myriad of options (both official and unofficial) that encompass the overall education spectrum over the years. Consider each of the following methods.

Grades and Exams are Temporary but Knowledge and Education is Permanent – New Look School

The Montessori Method

Learning at a Montessori school is something that many parents attest to. The methodologies are just different enough to appeal to a slightly different demographic regarding parenting methods. Additionally, parents whohave learned at Montessori schools tend to want their children to go through the same process, just for the sake of familiarity  Montessori teachers also tend to be loyal to their type of program once they’ve established a routine for themselves.


Many parents decide that homeschooling is the best for their children. There was a bit of a stigma attached to this method in the past, but in particular, because of better online resources, parents can have a flexible yet standardized approach to teaching their kids. There still needs to be a degree of socialization in play for younger children, but that’s often worked on by the family going out, taking field trips, and doing those sorts of activities over time.


The Nature-Based Approach

An avant-garde approach to schooling can be found within the little pockets of sustainable-living communal societies if you want to see something different in education. If you go and live with the Dancing Rabbits out in Missouri, their education is completely based on learning to live off the grid.

Off To Boarding School

Though it’s not as popular an option in the United States as other places in the world, sending kids off to boarding school is always an option for education. Some of the best early-age schools around the globe are boarding schools, which makes sense to a degree because of the lack of distractions there.

Typical K-12

Typical K-12 education is going to be through the public education system. There are many complaints about the low quality of education that many people get there, but it’s often the best the government can do to ensure that every child has at least some access to learning in their formative years.

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