Finding new business online with a strong company website

Not every company has millions of dollars set aside for marketing when doing business online. Even so, one does not need a marketing budget to launch or expand their business online. All one needs is a strong company website, a little effort, and a lot of imagination.

If you do not have a website, a Long Island web design company can create one that meets your business needs.

Here is how to get more clients and boost your business online.

Have a responsive website.

Today, more than 60% of online searches are done from mobile devices. Therefore, creating a website that only works on desktop PCs is not recommended. To ensure that your website works on all platforms, it is essential to seek a web design company’s services to create your website. According to MAXBURST, the best websites are accessible and can be viewed comfortably across multiple devices. This includes small smartphones.

Website speed

Your web visitors will not wait for your site to load. When your site takes a long to load, it increases your bounce rate, which affects the number of people returning to your website. Ensure that your web pages are as speed-optimized as possible. A Long Island web design company can help. The services they can offer include adjusting image file formats and sizes, optimizing third-party plugins’ functionality, and optimizing your page structure. This will boost the speed of your site. The most successful online businesses have the fastest-loading web pages.

Content is king

Whether it is a product description or a company blog, ensuring you only post high-quality content is essential. Content is about engaging your audience and availing them of the necessary information. You need to deliver this information in a way that will keep your target audience engaged.

The information needs to be factual. You can achieve this by basing your content on evidence that can be collaborated with other sources. This way, your company will be seen as an authoritative figure.


Blogging is one of the essential drivers of traffic for any website. Blogging can transform your business from a small, locally known establishment to a global phenomenon. The blogs you create for your website should speak to your client and address their concerns. The blog should relate to the type of product or services you offer.

Blogging is a non-spam way of reaching your clients.

Social media

Even with the best website, you will not drive traffic to the site if you are not proactive. One way to boost traffic to your website is by promoting your content through social media. You can use Twitter to drive traffic to your site by sharing short posts that include your website’s link. Google+ promotion will ensure that your site shows up in search results. Numerous other social media platforms can be used to drive traffic to your site. Your company needs to have an active social media presence to attract more clients.

On-page SEO

Contrary to what most people may think, SEO is not dead. Optimizing your website content for search engines is still a valuable and worthwhile practice. Make the most of image alt texts. Create internal links to new content posted on your website. Use Meta descriptions for your content. All these are factors that will significantly boost your organic traffic.

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