Ways To Kick Your Health Into High Gear

We are in an age of enlightenment in regard to health awareness; it seems there are health food stores and novel exercise class studios around every corner. But studies suggest there is still much work to be done, at least in America. Data as of 2014 suggests obesity rates hover around 35% and 40% among men and women respectively. So while it seems trends of the day are taking physical health into account, there are still large swaths of the population that fall victim to ill health.

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A great deal of these dismal metrics can be attributed to poor habits, with lethargy and poor snack choices to blame for many. For a subsection of people, the insidious damage of these habits may not even be realized for a long time. After all, just a few decades ago, the government-decreed standard for a healthy diet was characterized by heavy consumption of carbohydrates and lack of discrimination between refined and unrefined carbs – instruction that we now know to be completely erroneous.

It can be hard to separate what is truly healthy and what is marketing or misleading advice. Below, this article will aim to simplify the picture.

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naturally occurring plant foods, which we now understand to be crucial to a normal insulin response. In the presence of fiber (as found in fruit), the release of sugar into the bloodstream is mediated. On the contrary, a manmade abomination like a cake contains an astronomical amount of pure sugar and none of the counterbalancing constituents. With this context, it’s no wonder why modernity has spelled disaster for our hormonal health.

elongate telomeres, the length of which is inversely related to biological aging.

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