Organizing corporate barbeque events can be just as enjoyable as it can be apprehensive. If you have an upcoming corporate barbeque event to plan for, the following enumerated guidelines will help to assist you to navigate through the situation in the best possible manner.

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Examine The Crowd

Before you make any further preparation for your corporate BBQ, it is recommended that you go through your guest list to determine what date time and day would work the best for most of the employees who are invited for the barbeque event.

This gathering of information is a crucial step in your preparation of a corporate BBQ event because that will enable you to invite as many people as you can and ensure that they will be in a position to attend the event without fail. One of the most common ways of obtaining this information would be to send out an email or making a Google Doc, suggesting at least three options of dates and letting them vote for their preferences. In this manner, you can conduct the survey of determining which date would work the best for the majority of the people.
In the same way, you can also conduct a survey to find out about any dietary requirements or allergies your guests might have. This would enable you to prepare for any contingencies that might arise beforehand. The same would also apply for your guest’s preferences for gluten-free, lactose-free, meat, or vegetarian options for food.

The Venue

Given that a corporate barbeque is a rather relaxed event it is recommended that you find even you that offers another large space for accommodating all your guests. This would mean that the guests can feel more comfortable in accessing and moving around to mingle with the others who are going to be attending the event. Furthermore, you can also plan for interactive games and team building activities like volleyball, frisbee, or baseball. One of the major advantages of getting a venue that is spacious is that your crowd of guests would feel more comfortable in these interactive activities. On the other hand, if you get a venue that is smaller, it might result in them feeling claustrophobic and put them in a position of discomfort.

Once you have determined a venue that works the best for your corporate barbeque event, you would also have to additionally make sure that this venue is accessible to the majority of the people on your guest list. It is advised that you choose a venue that is offsite rather than a venue that is in the premises of your office because it would offer a much-needed change of scenery and lighten up the mood for your corporate BBQ.


Although barbeques are known to be casual events, in a corporate barbeque event you would be expected to send out invitations to your guest list. Therefore, you would have to be prepared beforehand to send out invites or even electronic invites to your guest list. Online invitations are usually more convenient and cost-effective and would help you to economize on the overall expenditure of the event.

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