Top 6 Garage Door Repair Tips

When settling for your dream home, there are a couple of things that you first look at in that property to determine whether it is a hit or a miss. The availability of a reliable and robust garage door, for instance, is one of those determinants. Just like doors and windows, garage doors also are used a lot of times in a day. Whether manual roll-up to automatic door openers, single-layer steel to insulated multi-layered, these structures need repairs from time to time.

Several garage door repair companies in Phoenix are just a phone call away whenever repairs are required. However, sometimes these are simple maintenance practices and repairs that one can comfortably handle without any professional help. Therefore, it is imperative to be observant enough with your garage door to notice the signs that these structures require repair before things get out of hand. Below are few garage door repair tips you can carry out at home.


1. Tightening the hardware

Most garage doors work by moving up and down. This movement and vibration keep happening thousands of times within a given period, say a year, thus ending up loosening bolts and other hardware over time. You will need to tighten the roller brackets and bolts using a socket wrench to avoid having a loose door from time to time.

2. Replacing broken door glass

If your garage door has broken glass, you know that this is not only a safety issue or a security one but also an invitation of birds to the garage. Therefore, fixing this as fast as possible is inevitable. Replacing a windowpane is not a lesson in rocket science; once you have the windowpane’s appropriate size, this would be a DIY task. Alternatively, hiring a garage door repair professional will have it done quickly and effortlessly.

3. Lubricate the moving parts

A door that needs greasing will always produce some squeaking sounds due to friction when being opened or closed. Applying grease on such moving parts is also a DIY task and can take a maximum of only 15 minutes. You will need to apply white lithium grease on the opener’s chain or the screw. You can as well use the spray lubricant. This will coat the overhead springs.

4. Use Silicone Spray during winter

During winter, you should use functional weather stripping on the garage door. Along with this, ensure you also spray a layer of silicone at the door’s bottom so that it does not attach itself to the ground. You can as well stop frost accumulation by spraying another layer at the panel.

5. Tip on sagging garage door

Time and gravity make garage doors, especially those made of wood to sag, making them hard to open or close. Using a tension rod positioned diagonally at the back of the door from the top corner to the bottom edge will ease the tension.

6. Checking cables

Electric garage doors have cables that carry high-tension cables that lift your doors. While it is not advisable to work on these wires if you are not a pro, you can only check if there are broken strands and any damages to the bottom roller bracket. If you notice any, you should contact the pros for garage door repair in Phoenix to come and fix it.

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