5 Tips to Keep Home Healthy

Who doesn’t want to live a clean and healthy home? Obviously everyone! A healthy home always keeps the residents in a good mood and in the pink of their health. Moreover, it allures your guests and leaves a positive impression about you.

So, to keep your home healthy, here we are with the top five tips. Read on the article to know.

  1. Wipe down countertops frequently – Not only food is prepared on the countertops. It is the place where bacteria, dust, dirt, and allergen particles settle as they float in the air. If your countertops are made of tile or granite, then prefer using mild cleaners. Moreover, prefer the one that can refresh the sealer. It is so because sealers degrade with time. So to keep sealers fresh and free from bacteria prefer cleaning them frequently. Otherwise, bacteria will find its way into the permeable areas of the granite.
  2. Keep carpets clean – To enhance the look of the old carpet and to extend its life, it is very important to clean it after regular intervals. Make it a habit of cleaning rugs and carpets in your home once in a week with a vacuum.

However, you can only get rid of dust and dirt on the top of the carpet. The bacteria and stains of pet urine or eatables are there deep inside the fibers of the rug. They may not be visible but can become stinky with time if not cleaned on time. Else, they can cause allergy problems and health issues.

To clean the carpets properly prefer hiring professional carpet cleaners. They have all the equipment and chemicals to clean the carpet. Moreover, they have experience and are trained well on how to handle different carpets.

  1. Don’t forget the furniture – Most of the people only focus on cleaning carpets and forget about the upholstered furniture. Not only the rugs but chairs and sofas are also used regularly, so do remember to clean them too. Dust, dirt, and bacteria that float in the air also settle on the furniture. Use vacuum cleaner once in a week to clean them.
  2. Sanitize high touch points – This includes toilet handles, faucets, knobs, and switch buttons. Take some time to clean them for a hygienic living place. Don’t forget to clean them after visitors leave your house. It will help a lot in decreasing the level of germs in your home. Also, keep your hands clean and sanitized all the time. It will keep you away from bacteria and germs.
  3. Place doors mats in entry-ways – Door mats trap the dirt and allergens so that they don’t enter the home. This is easy and an inexpensive way to keep home free of dust and thus healthy. Furthermore, remember to clean these door mats regularly, as they will gather a lot of dust.


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