Your All-Important Guide to Selecting a Qualified Gas Engineer for Your Business

Whilst there may be many individuals who claim to be gas engineers, not all of them are properly qualified. If you are running a business, particularly if it’s a food industry establishment, you want to make sure that your gas needs are provided by someone who is legally and properly licensed. So how do you choose a qualified gas engineer for your business? Here’s your all-important guide.

Are they registered? Check twice

One of your initial tasks should be to ask the gas engineer whether they are Gas Safe registered. Whilst it’s easy to hire a plumber or other worker even if they are not really registered, the same is not true when it comes to your gas requirements. When it comes to gas appliances and safety, you should hire someone who is duly registered. If a gas engineer is listed in the Gas Safe Register, this means that they are qualified to work on certain gas appliances and equipment, be it cookers, boilers, fires, and more.

Ask the gas engineer if they have an ID card with the Gas Safe Register. Check the card and note down the license number. Once the gas engineer has left, double-check their license by going on the Gas Safe Register site. It would also be a good idea to check the back of the gas engineer’s card so you can see which appliances they are qualified to work on.

Assess their experience

Once you have determined their qualifications according to the Gas Safe Register, it’s time to assess their experience with the type of work you would like them to do. Do they have specific experience with the task you have in mind? For instance, if your boiler breaks down, it’s best to choose a gas engineer who has experience with boiler repair and not just gas installations. If the work involves a lot of detail or a big project, ask the gas engineer if you can see photos of their past work and have references from past customers.

Get a good quote

Be wary of gas engineers or gas engineer firms that give you a quick quote by telephone without even seeing the work they have to do first. A good gas engineer would want to see the amount of work for themselves first unless it’s a simple fitting or installation. The quote they present should be written down with full details, and all the costs and expenses should be clearly broken down, from the materials to the labor to additional expenses such as parking and travel fees.


With a good gas engineer (such as a gas engineer London from Milgas), you can have peace of mind knowing that the job will be done in the best possible way, according to the right rules and regulations and your exact requirements.

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