How to Pack and Move Your Office Efficiently

Moving your office, regardless of its size, can be a very tiresome and complicated process. If you want to maximize efficiency and minimize efforts spent on it, read our simple tips and keep them in mind.

Selecting movers

Before you make you final choice about office movers make sure to connect several companies for consultation and estimates. Make sure that you consult them about the cost of your relocation and get on-site estimates. Pay attention to the hidden costs and verify whether everything is included into the contract before signing any papers.

Moving insurance

If you do not want to lose all your office in a result of an accident make sure that your Edmonton office movers will provide you insurance. It is also highly advised to verify whether companies provides insurance for its employees otherwise in case of any accident happening in your home you will be responsible for any injuries of the moving crew.




Now that you are done with the process of hiring movers proceed to planning your move. One of the most important rules of an effective relocation is to plan everything beforehand. Make sure that you create a step-by-step instruction of your move and share it with your employees. You need to clarify them that office equipment and common belongings will be moved for them, but they are responsible for their tables or cubicles as well as personal items.

Packingbubble wrapping paper, scissors, and a lot of tape (there is nothing more frustrating that a lack of tape in the middle of packing process). Try to get boxes of a medium size so that they will be easy to handle and stock. Make sure not to put too much things into one box because too heavy boxes (with a weight over 15 kg) even professional office movers will refuse to carry.

Professionals advise starting from archives if you have such and papers in general. Then you can proceed to packing office supplies that are not needed on a daily basis. Then your employees can start packing their personal belongings and at the very end all office machines and important supplies can be wrapped. Make sure to secure fragile items with bubble wrapping paper to avoid damages.

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