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Simple and Efficient WordPress Hosting Sites

Considering that close to 28% of the websites worldwide use WordPress, it comes as no surprise that this is one of the easiest ways to get that website going. Users have a few options going into it, such as free or paid-for options. When they choose the paid-for options, hosting becomes the discussion of the day. Discover some of the top brands in hosting and why they’re considered at the top of their league.


This is a favorite WordPress host for newbie bloggers and smaller websites that don’t have an exorbitant budget to keep their websites running. Their pricing runs at $3.95 and is charged as an annual once-off. This amount includes the automatic discount and no further coupons are needed. They have an impressive response speed of 0.41ms and make use of a super cacher system. Backups take place on a daily basis.




Where many other hosting sites require users to make use of a plugin to benefit from caching, WPEngine automatically includes Evercache in their offering. There are a number of other special features unique to WordPress that they offer, which web owners would need to purchase elsewhere for the same effect. This hosting service provides a premium security service and customers have access to a staging area to test their changes before applying them. Although quite pricey at $16.95 per month, users have the option to make use of a WordPress coupon code for 30% off and five free months of hosting.


This is a surprising addition to the group as it is still fairly unknown to many users. Flywheel has proven itself to be a good contender thanks to consistent service offerings and a relatively stable hosting service. The response time on the server runs at 0.68ms and backups occur daily. As far as caching goes, this happens at a server level. The pricing is also on the higher end of the market at $11.25 per month, but users have the option of using a coupon that will get them 20% off and 2 free months of hosting.

Web hosting is a personal choice and what tends to draw users more than just response speed and uptime, is a hosting service that provides hassle-free service. Pricing is relative and those who want to have access to a number of special features should consider the bundled options, whereas those who wish to customize their website and only add what they need, can go for the stand-alone option.

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