There’s A Chill In The Air- Preparing Your Wardrobe For Colder Weather

Sweater weather is here, and it’s time to start swapping out your summer clothes for things that cover a little more skin. That means hoodies, sweaters, clothes, scarves, boots, and maybe even a few long-sleeved shirts. You might not be ready to say goodbye to the beach and your shorts, but such is the cycle of life.

You definitely don’t want to wait until it’s 30 degrees out to dig out a winter jacket, only to find out it’s too small this year. Pull out the boxes that say fall and winter, find out what you need to replace, and take some time to read this blog post with some great tips for getting ready to beat the chill.

How to Dress for Extremely Cold Weather

Styles To Consider

While fall is normally a time for more natural colors, like evergreens and browns, this year, it looks like a muted color palette may be a better option. You can still stick with your favorite fall color ideas, but pick lighter shades instead of deeper tones.


Take some time to peruse your favorite fashion magazine and fashion blogs/websites to find out what is in style this year, especially if you’re going to be buying some new items. While it can be fun to do a retro fashion look, you still want to have a few key pieces in the current fashion phase, like a pleated skirt.

Dig Out The Hoodies

Sweaters, hoodies, and fall jackets are a must the second autumn officially arrives (as the temperature has dropped, the wind has started howling, and the leaves have begun to change). Each of these offers a different amount of protection, and you are going to want them all. A good windbreaker can protect you from the chill wind of fall and the rain that comes with it.

A hoodie is far more stylish but isn’t going to protect you from the rain. Sweaters are a good option when you’re chilly indoors.

Boot Weather Is Here

It’s also a good time to start digging out the boots. While you may be itching to pull out those comfy ones plush with fur or down, they may be a little too warm for the changing temperatures in fall. Instead, opt for some boots that aren’t as padded and are made for autumn rains (although now is also a good time to start spraying your winter boots that aren’t waterproof with some waterproof coating).

Short boots can be fun with jeans, but so can cowgirl boots. It’s a good time to start pairing tall boots with dresses and skirts as well.

Layers Are Always Great

Autumn is the perfect time for layers, so start layering it up. Find some cute leggings to wear with skirts and dresses. Don’t be afraid to add a fun look to a shorter sweater by pairing it with a longer tank top underneath. You can also wear a long-sleeved shirt under your favorite t-shirts if you want them to make it through the colder parts of the year.

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