Things You Can Do to Prevent a Hernia

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Inguinal hernias happen when a part of the intestine pushes through the muscles in the groin area or the inguinal canal. It is a result of muscle weakness and increased pressure inside the abdomen. It is common among ageing men due to decreased muscle strength, but it can also happen to young men. A healthy lifestyle can prevent a hernia from happening.

Maintain good body weight

The chances of having a hernia increase when you are obese or overweight. The extra body fat puts too much pressure on the abdominal wall, resulting in a hernia. Therefore, you need to start losing weight. Talk to your physician to discuss the best diet and exercise plan that will work best for you. It might be tough at first, but you will try your best if you realise the benefits. Apart from avoiding this medical issue, you will have overall improved health when you maintain a healthy body weight.


Being physically active is crucial in preventing hernias. The most effective exercises are yoga and Pilates. They help in improving muscle control. You can also do sit-ups and crunches, but you need to take it slowly. Otherwise, you will increase pressure on the abdomen. Cardio exercises like running and cycling could also help. As long as you avoid exercises that require high levels of exertion, you will be fine.

Eat high-fibre foods

A fibre-rich diet helps in improving your bowel movements. It can help stop constipation. When you suffer from constipation, you might end up pushing hard to defecate, and this leads to the possibility of having a hernia. Avoid straining by eating lots of fruits, grains, nuts, and vegetables. You may also take supplements that are rich in fibre if you can’t incorporate these fibre-rich dishes in your diet.

Stay hydrated

When you drink plenty of water each day, it can help prevent constipation. If you have recently had surgery, you need to drink even more water since painkillers and anaesthesia could increase the risk of hernias at the site of the incision.

Don’t do heavy lifting

It is a good idea to lose weight, but don’t let yourself suffer by lifting heavy objects. If you want to lift weights, you might try bending at your knees first to transfer the support on that section instead of moving from the waist up. If you see weightlifters, they succeed in carrying heavy weights using this manner.

Avoid smoking

When you smoke, you might end up continually coughing. It puts increased pressure on the abdomen, and eventually might lead to an inguinal hernia.

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