5 Ways AI is Transforming Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and other technologies are regularly felt in various sectors of the economy. The consumer goods industry isn’t left behind as AI helps it save costs and boost efficiency in so many ways. More so, there is a low risk of encountering issues associated with the manual approach, such as errors and fatigue. It’s no surprise that different cloud-based sales automation software keeps emerging in this digital era. Here are the top ways that AI is changing digital marketing.



Brands of all sizes have been using CRM that includes salesforce, to manage their customers for several years. Chatbots are now used by eCommerce stores and come in handy for carrying out a wide range of tasks. In case the bots can’t offer suitable answers to certain questions, it will direct them to the proper channel. Social media apps like Facebook and LinkedIn are already taking advantage of chatbots. This makes it possible for consumers to purchase products or subscribe to a service without leaving their apps.

Lead Generation

AI software is available for obtaining quality lead over time and during the recruiting process. They can also set up a detailed profile of each lead after reviewing their online activities. This goes a long way to identifying the leads that may become loyal customers and design personalized messages.

Content Creation

It goes without saying that AI has changed how online visitors interact with content. Business owners use AI tools to improve their reading experience by producing compelling headlines and ad copy. Besides, it can offer suggestions of related content or products on websites. AI ensures that your message gets to your target audience at the right time. It doesn’t really matter whether they are browsing with their mobile devices or desktop.

Semantic Searching

Google’s search algorithm keeps evolving all the time. Engaging in keyword stuffing or duplicating content is not effective anymore. It’s no gainsaying that AI has a huge influence on SEO. The semantic search involves comprehending search via contextual meaning and presenting accurate results each time. Sites that integrate semantic search best practices will continue to rank well.

Marketing Personalization

It’s glaring that designing a mobile responsive website is the bedrock of marketing mobility. Even though you have defined your target customers, their needs and interests may differ. The best thing is to leverage AI at every stage of the sales funnel. It is often used to monitor each customers’ preferences and spending habits to offer appealing products. Online retailers that sell consumer packaged goods (CPG) or any other products can improve their marketing strategy with the results. Anyone can easily access data, uncover and analyze marketing trends with technology tools unlike before.

Chances are many of your competitors have realized the importance of marketing with AI and are determined to leave no stone unturned. It offers endless opportunities, and more will be discovered in the future.

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