Things To Look At When You’re House Hunting

When you’re house hunting, there is a lot that goes into your search. You’re not just looking for a roof over your head; you’re looking for a place that you can call home for a few decades. You’re looking for a safe space, a shelter, and somewhere you can see yourself growing old. Finding the right house is much like finding the right life partner.

You definitely don’t want to blindly buy a house unless you know how to do plumbing and electricity and want a lot of cleaning to do, or you have a good deal of money to pay some people to fix the place up for you. Instead, get a showing, walkthrough, and look for the following things.


Check The Attic And The Basement

Ensure that you check your potential home from top to bottom, and that doesn’t just mean looking at the roof. I got roof will last a couple of decades, but you want to make sure you have time to save up for one if you’re investing all the money you have to get a house in the first place.

When you get an inspection done on the home before your loan goes through, you will learn many things about the home you’re considering. The inspection could find asbestos in the flooring or the insulation. Behind walls, they could discover mold, including dangerous black mold.


Does It Need More Than Cleaning?

A dirty house can easily be clean; you just need to put some elbow grease into it. However, it would help if you looked over everything. You may need to fill holes, fix flooring, replace carpeting, do a ton of painting, and there could be lots more things you’ll need to do aside from just cleaning. It helps to be aware of all the work you’re going to need to do before you commit.

Look At Flooring/Carpeting

Make sure you take a good look at the floors as you walk through the place. Are you going to need to replace the carpeting? Do the hardwood floors need a lot of work? Is the tiling peeling and in need of complete or partial replacement?

Consider the cost of these and whether or not you can DIY the job or you’re going to need to hire someone else to come in and do the work for you. How much more do you want to spend on this place to make it livable after all, you’ll spend to own it?

What’s Included?

You may see a refrigerator and range in the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be there when you take over ownership of the home. Make sure you know what comes with the house when you buy it. Appliances aren’t always cheap, so you want to know what’s in store for your wallet.

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