A Great Career To Look At If Numbers Are Your Thing

We all have different individual talents, and as we go through school, you will discover the individual and natural talents you have. Some of us pick up foreign languages as though they were our own; others can write prose and analyze screenplays as though they’d spent their whole lives in an English class, and some have the ability to look at numbers and formulas and ‘get it.’

I believe that people should take on jobs and California MBA online where they can exercise these important abilities that they have to reach success and find a job where they can be content in knowing that they are ‘made for it.’ With this in mind, let’s focus on how you can use your skills in numeracy and work in the financial field, specifically in financial advice like my good friend Adam Rosenfeld Merrill Lynch wealth manager and financial advisor. Let’s take a quick look at his amazing career and how you can emulate his success.

A career in Financial Services

Like many high-level financial advisors, Adam graduated from university with an MBA and went straight into financial services. He worked his way up through the industry and landed an ob with Morgan Stanley’s financial giants. Following a few years with Morgan Stanley, Adam moved to the huge financial company of Merrill Lynch, where he began working with some of their biggest clients and managing millions and millions of dollars in assets.

Throughout his career, Adam has shown exactly what you need to do ignored to succeed in this industry, and that is adding many strings to your bow in terms of what you can do and what kind of services you can offer. Rosenfeld is not only able to offer financial advice but also certified to be a broker. In terms of the advice that he is qualified to give, Adam can offer securities portfolio advice, pension consultancy, portfolio management for individuals and businesses amongst a wide range of different advice.


How You Can Be a Financial Advisor

Education is obviously important in your road to becoming a financial advisor. You will need to have a high level of maths and computing skills to work towards this career. An MBA is recommended if you want to reach the top of the field. Throughout this time, it is vitally important that you are a student of global economies, financial markets, and the industry of financial services.

It is important that once you start working in the financial services industry that you follow what Adam has done and take as many exams as your company will put you forward for; this way, you will be able to arrive in a position where you can offer a broad range of financial services, and you will make yourself a key employee to whichever company that you can work for.

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