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Morning mail: health insurance leak

Monday: Private health insurers have illegally rejected lots of claims. Plus: USA triumph over dogged Netherlands 2-zero

The country’s largest health insurers illegally rejected the claims of hundreds of unwell or injured Australians over seven years, leaked documents display. A authorities whistleblower who investigated their conduct has also discovered how his efforts have been pissed off with the aid of years of inaction, disasters to completely alert the public, intervention from his superiors, and suspicions that the insurers have been falsifying or withholding evidence. “I am going public with this table as it doesn’t appear proper that the government says nothing to the public after locating fitness insurers breaking the regulation,” he said.

Cases consisting of Israel Folau’s might be captured by the authorities’ proposed religious discrimination invoice, consistent with the attorney general, who says the law will consist of a “powerful road” for humans of faith who face “oblique” unfair treatment. Porter informed Guardian Australia the regulation could consist of a clause supposed to save you, employers, installing place a binding circumstance on personnel – inclusive of occurred with Rugby Australia – that limit a person from expressing their religious perspectives.

Australia is answerable for 5% of world greenhouse gasoline emissions and could be contributing up to 17% by means of 2030 if pollution from its fossil gasoline exports is factored in, studies by Climate Analytics indicates. The Australian Conservation Foundation, which commissioned the studies, stated it showed Australia turned into on a route to being one of the worst participants to the weather emergency. “Australia is now the primary exporter of each coal and fuel and we are scheduled to push that off the charts inside the subsequent 10 years,” the muse’s Gavan McFadzean stated. “We are trying to turn out to be an emissions superpower.”

The UK Foreign Office has ordered an inquiry into the leak of private internal memos presenting an unflattering portrait of Donald Trump and his administration. In cables written by using Kim Darroch, the British ambassador to Washington, Trump’s White House become defined as “uniquely dysfunctional” and “inept”.

Voters in Greece have given Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ center-proper New Democracy birthday party a powerful mandate to form a central authority after it received by way of a landslide over the incumbent leftwing Syriza birthday party, which has ruled in coalition considering that 2015.

Climate crisis failures are happening at the rate of 1 per week, although most draw little worldwide interest and paintings is urgently needed to prepare developing international locations for the profound effects, the UN has warned.

Conflict broke out among masses of protesters and police in rebellion tools in Hong Kong on Sunday after tens of lots of protesters marched peacefully to preserve up the pressure on the authorities to withdraw its arguable extradition bill.

At least 10 unexploded bombs dropped with the aid of the allies for the duration of the second one world struggle are hidden inside the foundations of the archaeological site of Pompeii, Italian media have said.
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“I am standing inside the Old Bond Street headquarters of Stella McCartney’s fashion empire,” writes Sophie Heawood, “ready to interview the designer and thinking why there are huge moist rocks surrounded with the aid of moss on the shop floor. I ask the exposure assistant and it is absolutely a twist of fate that the man or woman Bubble from Absolutely Fabulous pops into my mind after she replies, in a voice imbued with significance and reverence: ‘Nature.’ It turns out that the rocks had been shipped down from Paul’s farm at the Mull of Kintyre, in which mist rolls in from the sea – the mist now rolls into his daughter’s garments, seemingly. “I became like, Dad, this is bizarre … ” she explains, ‘but can I actually have a few rocks?’”

It’s extra than 20 years for the reason that John Howard won the GST election, and Australia’s report of big reform because might be described as modest at high-quality, writes Conal Hanna. We have emerged as a danger-averse kingdom, increasingly in thrall to the idea that alternate – in particular, something that influences us in my opinion – is to be resisted. So what if we held extra plebiscites? The 2017 equal-sex marriage plebiscite turned into ridiculed as a waste of $81m to skip a regulation that the general public of both the human beings and the parliament supported. Well, sure. But. The one aspect the plebiscite did change into disposing of the capacity for a vocal minority to hijack the political system to inflict their perspectives on the rest. The government changed into given a clear mandate to enforce. And nobody is campaigning to repeal the Marriage Amendment Act.

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