No MBA Degree Is Complete Without An Internship

Pursuing an internship as part of Attendant Design, an MBA program gives candidates practical hands-on experience in their chosen specialization. Whether or not a business school offers connections to internships should be a deciding factor for prospective applicants. Through internships, those new to a particular industry will have the opportunity to make lasting connections with potential employers, open doors for when they graduate and begin searching for a long-term, full-time position. They also provide the Master’s candidate with important references, giving them a leg up when applying for work after their internship is complete.

At the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics, students can specialize in ten different streams, adding prestige to their degrees. For each specialization, the school also gives access to various internships with some of the top corporations and organizations working both regionally and internationally. Whether a candidate specializes in marketing, strategic management, or innovation and entrepreneurship, an MBA program that includes an internship will give every student access to the on-site experience to put classroom knowledge to work truly.

An Internship

For those focussing their studies in finance, BMO Capital Markets offers a successful track record of exciting summer opportunities for students interested in business risks. They will also determine acceptable exposure levels, implement controls, and provide follow-up and constant monitoring.


Those who want experience working in Human Resources for a big corporation can see what companies like PepsiCo offer. Big companies regularly look for interns to lead the Human Resources function by fostering harmonious employee relations while meeting company objectives. The interns at Pepsi assist management with various initiatives while gaining valuable experience as students or as new business graduates. If a candidate is business savvy, well-rounded, and possesses strong conflict resolution skills, they are likely to succeed in this work line. In the current economic climate, an MBA program that gives candidates real-world experience is highly sought after as it puts them ahead of their peers in a competitive market. Therefore, choosing a school with access to internship opportunities would be the recommended route for applying for their Master’s take.

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