Luxury Watches: Winner Brands of the Year

The watch-making industry has evolved in sync with the dynamic demands landscape. Superior designs and perpetual innovations further prove that the future is bright. But that is not to say that all watches are made equal. While some brands walk their way into new technology, others leap into futuristic horology.


For instance, Rolex watches are known for ground-breaking Research and Development, durability, and the fact that they never fail. Other luxury brands, such as Cartier and Omega, have similar strengths. To believe us, you must check out some of the finest collections of these luxury watches at authentic retail stores such as Ethos Watch Boutiques.

Read on to learn more about the finest luxury watch brands ever created.

Cartier: It takes years of hard work to build a brand and decades of consistent performance to bring it into Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, Geneva. With 13 new creations and two watch families launched this year, it has proved to the world that it is a real watch’s genius.

As for the best collection for the brand title, we would assign it to Drive de Cartier. The Drive is an elegant, cushion-cased watch, slightly more conventional than the Cle de Cartier. What more, you may ask? It is available in various guises and has an in-house 1904 MC self-winding movement. To sum it up, it is elegant and understated, and you will love it.


Casio: The average Casio watch today is comparable to Apollo 11, as believe it or not, it packs just as much processing power. And trust us when we say we don’t care about watches! These multi-functional, ultra-accurate, powered-by-light eyes are what you may need in your life right now. Besides, it is self-correcting and can be linked to your mobile. Impressed already? Read about our pick for the best collection of the brand- The Edifice.

Thecollections’’ EQB 600 D is a watchenthusiast’ss dream come true. It sports a dual time display, a three-dimensional globe (rotates once a day in sync with theEarth’ss movement!), and a day-date calendar. It also boasts a solar-powered movement and automatic time correction. This one, like the Drive, can be linked to your smartphone.

Hublot: Keeping pace with this brand is staying at the vanguard of your fashion game. Late 2015 saw a new production wing launch with state-of-the-art facilities at Nyon. As a result, Hublot’s model ranges reached their zenith. Functionality-wise, the Big Bang Meca-10, with a power reserve that lasts ten days, speaks volumes of the brand’s tech prowess. Need more? Let’ss talk of the Classic Fusion – our best pick of the brand.

It won’t be wrong to say that the collection is an homage paid to the Big Bang concept. Based on the art of fusion, the watches blend technical boldness and classical aesthetics. So, you see diamonds, platinum, titanium, gold, and ceramic fused into a timeless design.

Michael Kors: From dress styles to chronographs, this unstoppable fashion brand has made its presence felt everywhere. It is now trying to break new ground to enter the smart-watch segment.

Michael Kors Darci is our pick for the best collection from the designer. Originally conceived as an evening and cocktail watch, it goes beyond that. Limiting these dainty timepieces to evening wear would be a sin, as these can glam up any daytime outfit.

Rolex is one of the most powerful names in the watch world. The Geneva-based brand revels in many laurels, but that is not to say it rests on them. At Baselworld 2016, it unveiled a swathe of alluring models, including the covetable Cosmograph Daytona and the Explorer.

The Air-King is the best Rolex collection with a 40 mm case and jazzy green detailing. The old 50’s font and the dial layout endow it with a timeless charm. It is hard to avoid this baby!

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