Developer Apps That Are Becoming Industry Standards

Today’s developers have no shortage of apps at their disposal to help them with many of their programming needs. Below we have cut through the weeds and picked some of the best apps for developers based on efficiency, interface, and utility in mind.

Developer Apps That Are Becoming Industry Standards 1

Programming Hub

This well-known application can teach new developers to utilize various programming languages, such as Python, Java, HTML, and JavaScript. The software features references related to more than 20 programming languages and the application’s tools allow developers to search for images, videos, and stylish layouts. Currently, the program offers at least 1,000 examples for developers.


Once a designer installs this trademarked app, the individual may use a previewer that indicates modifications that have been made and choose among 35 templates. Programmers can also drag and drop images, tools, videos, and blocks that feature content. The developers could easily connect the app to multiple social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. The software also has tools that will determine the speed of the application’s processes, find bugs, and suggest changes that can increase an app’s efficiency.



This application is compatible with Google Analytics and provides statistics that indicate the browsers that customers are using, the buttons that visitors press, the length of every session, the number of people who utilize the app during each week, and every page’s bounce rate. If an app features advertisements, the analytics can evaluate the percentage of customers who click the ads, the daily profits that the advertisements produce, and the return on investment that certain strategies provide.

Database Viewer Plus

Using this application, developers can create various types of forms, tables of all sizes, and custom images. The software will also allow designers to transfer information to devices and other apps swiftly. Furthermore, the programmers can digitally connect the program to many popular databases.

The app allows developers to sort files of all types, and programmers may apply filters, modify many records or restore a database’s files. The clients can also evaluate the status of a server from any location.


This trademarked software program features tools that may manage advertisements, provide extensive analytics, create promotional codes for users and develop a program that offers rewards for buyers. Likewise, the designers can customize a virtual cart associated with the application, and programmers may integrate existing catalogs into an app’s list of products.


Stackify allows developers to analyze customers’ overall satisfaction, and the company provides statistics that examine the number of clients who use particular tools and any bugs that affect each individual’s overall experience. They also provide many software improvements to market technologies, a perfect example being their Stackify Retrace solution, which presents a New Relic alternative for developers. Additionally, programmers may customize the dashboards that feature the statistics and develop custom tools that evaluate certain indicators.

Each client may request a free version of the company’s plan; however, most users choose the advanced program with a monthly price of $15. When utilizing the services, developers may conveniently chat with a specialist on Stackify’s website. They also provide a great eMag for Developer Teams.

Mobile Roadie

Developed in 2009, this application has attracted approximately 35 million customers. The users may integrate a modifiable calendar into each app, add photographs from numerous social media networks, and design custom dashboards. Developers are also capable of adding tools that allow users to chat with one another. The app shows a map that indicates the geographic locations of customers who are sending notifications and messages.

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