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The Best Apps to Help Optimize Your Smartphone

Smartphones, without the proper apps to optimize them, could just as well be useless hunks of plastic in our hands. Whether you’re using HTC phones or a Samsung, there are certain apps that work across platforms and brands and which will definitely do your phone a lot of good. Below are a few of them:

The Android Assistant

Ever needed something to help you increase the functionality of your Android phone? Then look no further than the Android Assistant.

The Android Assistant can easily be used to clean caches, rid them of unnecessary data and make the free for new useful data to occupy. It can also help to block the initialization of certain apps whose usage will cause the CPU to slow down and the phone to begin to lag. It can install multiple APKs and also uninstall multiple apps at the same time without the need for you to intervene.



One of the best ways to free up memory on your phone’s internal storage is for you to transfer excess files to the memory card. In doing so,. You’ll be freeing up memory and increasing the phone’s performance. The Android Assistant can easily help you with this. Once your battery power gets below a certain level, the Android Assistant helps you to switch ion the battery saver feature to preserve the battery’s juices and extend its functional life. The application in itself is also light in memory, so installing it won’t take too much from your memory.

ROM Toolbox Lite

The ROM Toolbox Lite works like the way you use your trusty old Swiss Army knife in the sense that it is an all-encompassing package that brings you a wide array of essential tools that will make the process of managing your Android device far less stressful. You can make use of it to backup and restore your applications, you can change the fonts of your phone, manage your files, organize your phone, etc.

If you’re still not satisfied with that, you can also try its premium version. This version offers a lot of additional features such as an app finder, a cache cleaner, a storage optimizer, a processor controller, etc. you can make use of it t manage your applications as well as perform some adjustments in some key areas of the phone without disrupting or damaging its original working mechanism. These adjustments will result in better phone performance and make using the phone a breeze.

Clean Master

The Clean Master is an all-in-one tool that can be used for performing a wide array of optimization tasks. The application comes complete with a bunch of maintenance tools that you’d most probably have to look for (and maybe even pay for) somewhere else. Amenities such as an Antivirus, a memory booster, an applications manager, and a junk file cleaner are readily available at your beck and call. You can also make use of Clean Master to run a scam through your phone in search of any malicious files and applications that have the potential to erode your resources, pave the way for viruses, and cause your apps to hang, crash, and develop malfunctions.

It can help you to take care of any unwanted or junk and temporary files, and can even contribute to the boosting of your phone’s memory to pave the way for better performance and an improved battery life.

Every heard of an all-rounder? Here’s one right here

The DU Speed Booster

The DU Speed Booster is popular because apart from being very nifty, it is also very user-friendly. It offers a user-friendly interface with useful features as well. It provides tools such as a memory booster, a trash cleaner, a CPU accelerator, and a network speed meter among others.

360 Security

360 Security is a highly versatile security solution. The application runs a scan on your hone to check for any malware and a n array of other malicious files that may be hidden deep inside the system of your Android device. Once it finds any, it gets rid of it for you. It is also capable of cleaning your cache and any other temporary data that might have been accumulated by the apps you installed on your phone.

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