Steroids: What Professional Bodybuilders Are Really Using

Most bodybuilders tend to speak freely about their training, nutrition, and supplementation routines they have been following and that have played a role in their success. However, they do not like speaking of the anabolic steroids they use and how they have assisted them with muscle size and strength gain. Most professional bodybuilders have kept quiet about their use of various anabolic steroids. It is widely known that these supplements are used as enhancers by athletes. The use of steroids, together with a good diet and commitment to training, are still the most important elements of any good bodybuilding routine. Steroids like Winstrol depot facilitate dramatic gains in muscle size. Additionally, steroids can hasten recovery from workouts while promoting protein synthesis that is quite essential for muscle growth. The following are some steroids used by professional bodybuilders.

  • Testosterone

This is the kind of substance that every bodybuilder wishes to have access to. Testosterone is very effective to help you with strength gains. This is because it acts very fast, especially when it is ester-free and taken in suspension form. Testosterone stimulates protein synthesis, as well as speeds up muscle recovery. It helps you obtain maximum results from your exercise. This substance is also good for fat-burning, thus revealing defined muscles that you have always wanted. Testosterone, however, has a short half-life. Therefore, it has to be taken on a daily basis to get the results you want.



  • Trenbolone acetate

This is one of the most effective steroids, which is why it is widely used by professional bodybuilders. It is especially useful to those athletes desiring to increase their power output and strength in the first week. Trenbolone does not retain water in your muscles. This means that you will have lean and dense muscles, with an enormous gain in strength levels. Just like testosterone, trenbolone has a shorter life. It is therefore recommended that it is taken daily for better results. Take care not to take more than the prescribed dose as it can cause aggression.

  • Dianabol

This steroid is one of the first ever substances created for bodybuilding enhancement. It is still universally used as it is easy to administer and has tangible and long-lasting results. Once ingested, Dianabol can increase the insulin levels in the body thus promoting protein synthesis. It is also known to reduce stress, increase appetite, and enhance a relaxed feeling. However, Dianabol can suppress the production of testosterone naturally, and it can also cause water retention.

  • Human-growth hormone

You can derive numerous benefits from taking growth hormones supplements. This substance increases the protein synthesizing rate, causing growth and development of muscle tissue. One of its greatest advantages to athletes is that growth hormones cannot be detected in a drug test. Human-growth hormones enhance cell growth, reproduction, and regeneration. There is also a boost to your muscle mass, which means you have more energy for workouts.

  • Insulin

Insulin is very crucial for the growth of muscles. It helps driving glucose into muscle cells. Many think that insulin is only used in those with diabetes. Insulin mops up glucose from the bloodstream. However, its other properties can be overlooked. Insulin is a protein synthesized in the body. It works in muscle cells, where it catalyzes some biochemical reactions that promote protein synthesis. This will, in turn, help with developing new muscle tissue. Insulin also decreases muscle breakdown, allowing for further muscle growth. However, a note of caution, it can instruct the body to store fats once these are introduced into the body.

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