Yes, Dancing Increases Your Brain Power!

Dancing improves brain function on a variety of levels. Numerous studies have shown how distinct types of practices allow dancers to achieve peak performance by blending cognitive thought processes and cerebral with ‘proprioception’ held in the cerebellum and muscle memory. Other than that, dancing helps in improving neurological disorders.

Max Healthcare specializes in the treatment of neurological disorders. They investigate and inform you about the condition. Any individual can maximize their brain power by merely investing time in regular aerobic training as a dance. Indulging in this activity at least once a week proves out to be very beneficial.

Some of the major benefits of dancing are as follows:

1. Increases Brainpower

Putting on your dance shoes is a brilliant idea if you are suffering from triglyceride levels. This syndrome is known to cause an increased risk of cognitive impairment.


According to a study involving 38 elderly Korean patients, over six months of learning cha-cha just twice a week, the dancers improved their word list recognition. Their word list delayed recall and verbal fluency. Apart from boosting their cognitive performance, dancers had a great time socializing. Although dancing did not do much for the patients’ physical symptoms, it proved to be an amazing way to lift their mood.

2. Gives a Boost to the Physical Health

Dancing regularly can increase your overall physical activity, even when you are not on the dance floor. As per a four-month-long study involving 54 Spanish-speaking adults between 65–74 years, dancing makes you feel energized, lowers the risk of your heart disease to illness like type 2 diabetes, and makes you sleep better. The researchers built on easy steps to more complex choreography to avoid overwhelming the candidates. The physical ability of participants was tested before as well as after the study. Individuals were not only dancing but also getting involved in many other physical activities.

3. Increased Brainpower

A study discovered that learning the steps of tango not only improves brainpower but also maintains balance. The study included senior citizens who have experienced a fall recently and fear falling again but were otherwise fit. Half of the senior citizens were sent to a walking group, while the others were given tango lessons. After being involved in these activities for two hours, twice a week, for 10 weeks, the tango dancers had a better balance and a better posture and motor coordination than their walking counterparts. The tango learners were also better able to process complex mental tasks while getting involved in other activities like standing or walking on one foot.

4. Improve Parkinson’s disease

As per the above-discussed research, Tango also helps Parkinson’s patients with their motor skills. Individuals with Parkinson’s disease struggle with walking and maintaining balance. A study on Parkinson’s disease found that tango dancing took a positive toll on patients. Dancing improved their performance of activities and improved their balance. For two years, those individuals who received regular tango classes showed an improvement in their daily performance.

Dancing is the perfect activity to utilize and improve your intelligence because it consistently puts you in situations that require a quick response. When you dance, you must decide which way to turn, how fast to move, and how the song’s beat changes. Dancing increases the speed at which your brain responds to problems, enhancing your intelligence in the process.

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