Russian Blogger Fined for ‘Disrespectful’ Reggaeton Dance at Monument

A Russian blogger has been fined for dancing to reggaeton tune in the front of a World War II monument under a brand new law banning “disrespect” of the authorities.

The blogger, identified as “A. Chervyakova,” posted an Instagram video displaying her dance on the Burial Mound of Immortality in April, courtroom files in the western Russian town of Bryansk stated. Officials claimed the blogger had violated a law signed a month before she filmed the video that bans disrespect of the authorities and state symbols.

The city’s district court located that Chernyakova had “insulted human dignity and public morality and confirmed a clear lack of admire for society,” ordering her to pay a high-quality of 30,000 rubles ($475). The monument is one of the location’s cultural background websites, it introduced.

The blogger, whose interest is dancing, stated she decided to movie the dance on the monument as it furnished a pretty backdrop and that she had now not “intend[ed] to insult the sufferers of World War II.”

Human rights lawyer Pavel Chikov, who flagged the past due-May court docket ruling on Wednesday, quipped that “Bryansk police and courts have opened a new portal to supernatural law.”

Meanwhile, the Kremlin has reportedly informed police officers to prevent prosecuting humans en masse below the brand new regulation. Police was informed that handiest individuals who offend the presidency, legislature and the judiciary as establishments can be held accountable, the Dozhd TV news channel cited assets close to the Kremlin as saying.

Even insults focused on President Vladimir Putin as someone does no longer fall beneath the “disrespect” law, the hole mentioned.

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