Add Chromium Microsoft Edge Policies to Windows 10

Microsoft has released an early set of Group Policy templates for the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10.

These guidelines will allow administrators and IT professionals to configure the unique abilties of the browser on one or more Windows 10 gadgets. For instance, IT admins can block the installation of extensions for structures in their networks.

Because the brand new Edge is a browser that Microsoft builds from scratch, primarily based on the Chromium engine, there are no rules for the application in Windows 10.


Recently, the software program large launched a fixed of templates to allow IT admins to preview the control regulations that the corporation is working on for the brand new Edge, and they may be available for both Mac and Windows.

Microsoft warns that those rules might be in addition tuned as they are a work in progress. They are only to be had in English, and policies for handling updates haven’t been prepared yet. Additionally, no longer all of the rules that Microsoft released as part of this set are presently implemented in the present preview versions of Microsoft Edge.

“This is a piece in progress. We are sharing this early draft with you on your remarks. However, the list will alternate between now and our last launch, with policies being delivered, removed, or modified based on feedback,” Microsoft engineer Sean Lyndersay stated.

The templates come in the form of a ZIP archive that consists of the ADMX document, an English model of the ADML report, as well as an HTML file that lists all policies and their description.

The first aspect you want to do is download the template archive using this page – note that it is an immediate download link for the ZIP archive.

If you run Windows 10, you can easily extract the files using the integrated support for ZIP records.

Importing the templates in Windows 10 begins with the release of the Group Policy Editor inside the operating system.

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