The Cell Phone Addict: America’s Number 1 Problem

Perhaps numerous a long time into the destiny, something can be written about this era of time indicating Cellular Phones had been the begin of the Great Society Revolution. It likely all commenced a few years returned whilst Ross Perot turned into running for President, and lots of our fellow Americans felt he might without a doubt be a perfect president. Cellular Phones were the purpose of this.


You see, it’s miles my notion those individuals who voted for Ross Perot, in reality, were additionally heavy customers of Cellular Phones. They could preserve the cell phone to the proper ear near the part of the mind. This is chargeable for rational thinking, destroying some of the mind cells worried inside the method. This rendered these people helplessly and hopelessly without rationality. With this in mind, I can definitely claim Cellular Phones as the number one trouble with our society, and it has become America’s #1 Addiction problem. What has passed off to us? Cell telephones are now a part of our lives, and many of us can not live without them. We are mobile telephone junkies. If you have ever misplaced your cellular smartphone, you realize what I imply. You are lost. The telephone but is OK.

Cellular phones: A Social Disease

I became in a restaurant closing week, and acellular smartphone began to ring. All of an unexpected like timed robots every body’s palms went for their purse, pocket or belt and straight away raised their cellular cell phone to replay the call. Others searched in a panic as they determined out the primary speaking tool might be missing. Even more awesome, most are determined to answer their phone anyway, although it becomes now not ringing. It changed into like a terrible lotto, where simplest one man or woman received the prize. Most had been disappointed to discover the decision wasn’t theirs. One person did get the decision, and all the people within the eating place applauded. “Congratulations they stated, all shouting with glee, perhaps next time…It’ll be me! ”

Cell phones have special jewelry. Some mobile telephones permit the consumer to pick from 150 unique opera sonatas written with the aid of our time’s brilliant composers, like Beethoven or Bach. Ask those customers to name certainly one of them. They can not. As a count of truth, after they pick such a classic portion because of the ‘Ring’ sound, it’s far constantly something they heard at one of the Bugs Bunny cartoons. Maybe that conventional from the “Rabbit of Seville.”

Some even are practicing for the game show “Name that Tune.” It’s wherein the contestants say they can call music in 6 notes, and they play the six notes. If the contestant guesses the call of the melody, we have a winner! So there you pass, flipping via all of the one hundred fifty tunes, by no means hearing the entire tune. It’s like taking note of a band tune-up. With such a lot of tunes to choose from, why does the general public have the same tune? That’s why all of them answer the telephone simultaneously while they are in a restaurant. Well, no longer exactly. Some solution their smartphone due to the fact they forgot which one they used as their ringing sound. So they pick up their telephone to make certain.

Some mobile phones come ready with video games. People, in reality, play them…Via themselves. Nothing is amazing approximately them as they are reinvented ‘Pong’ games of the late ’70s, the early 80’s. So it’s where all of these Atari programmers went to! What is ridiculous is at the same time as you’re playing these dimwit games, your battery is wearing down. Then, as you finally gained the extent 6 Guess the 3 Letter Word’ game, your mobile cell phone earrings. You answer it and because the man or woman on the alternative line tells you that you have received a trip for two to Tahiti and $a hundred,000, and you’ve ten seconds to answer the query: “What day of the week starts of evolved with the letter M, “your smartphone is going lifeless. Well, at the least, you purchased to stage 6 on the dimwitted Guess the three Letter Word game…

A friend of mine has a wireless smartphone, and he’s within the scrap metal commercial enterprise. Everywhere he is going, he includes this cellular cell phone and keeps it on. Who’s going to name him at 11:45 p.M. Saturday? Some guy with a dozen aluminum cans to meltdown? I should understand if he changed into a brain health care professional or a physician on the name; however, it was a scrap metallic dealer? He maintains his cellular cell phone because he’s a Cell Phone Addict just like you and me.

Cell Phone Addicts Are Rude

It is great to peer how impolite humans are on the subject of mobile telephones. I remember the days while you will meet with a person and he could choose up a regular telephone and say to his secretary “Hold all of my calls. I’m in a meeting”. It became best polite. Now, no person thinks two times about answering their cellular telephone in the middle of the conversation they’re having with you. Obviously, the individual you were assembly with felt you weren’t as vital as the opposite character on the road. In this Cell Phone global, we stay in, you get stopped in the middle of a sentence as the alternative man or woman alternatives up the cell smartphone in one swooping movement and says ” Jack! Yeah, first-rate game ultimate month….oh, I am now not doing something unique in the meantime…..Certain I got a couple of hours to talk “…And you wait and wait and wait…..

I am uninterested in taking part in other fellow mobile cell phone addicts’ conversations. I was at Starbucks one morning ( I am also an espresso addict) whilst a lady came into the shop, talking on her mobile smartphone. In among her “Really. And you don’t say…”, she lifted the smartphone away from her mouth and ordered the Cafe Latt Grand Breve, Decaf. She proceeded to speak approximately her daughter and the troubles she is having adjusting to kindergarten. The people in the shop actively participated in the verbal exchange to say things to her like ‘ get an existence, will Ya’ and ‘are you able to preserve it down? I am attempting to complete my verbal exchange on my phone with the President of the USA!!!’. Even though we were all strangers, this man or woman on the mobile phone determined to share very personal statistics about her circle of relatives and youngsters, she turned into talking as though she becomes in her house. The subsequent name turned to her husband to make sure he’s taking out the garbage while he gets home, and the bank referred to it as saying they had been past due on their mortgage payments.


What about cell telephones in movie theatres? They must be banned! Restaurants? They need to be outlawed. At funerals? You should be embarrassed about your self! Do yourself a choice and turn that blasted cellular phone off! You can stay without it…Just for a bit whilst at least…

The Hazards of Cellular Telephone Usage

Cell phones are surely a healthy chance. This can be confirmed by clearly setting your cell phone when transmitting close to a TV screen or the speakers on your computer. Even your radio for your vehicle can pick up the microwave electricity as it passes via the electric wires. Birrrrrrrrrrrrrritatatatatatatatat. It’s the equal sound that comes from your microwave oven. The cell smartphone agencies may not admit the possibility that cellular telephones can damage your brain cells because to achieve this might place them out of business and in line with a notable amount of lawsuits. They even tried to change the cell phone call to ‘Wireless Telephones’ so you would not consider ‘Cell’ as in ‘Brain Cells.’ You see, they had learned the lesson from the cigarette agencies: You do not admit anything!

Scientists let you know to apply an earpiece and move the smartphone on your belt clip. This protects you from damaging any brain cells. The belt clip is placed at the hip level proper wherein different organs are, such as the liver, stomach, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, intestines, to call some. As a count of reality, they’re no longer involved in approximately frying these elements. They agree with, like many, cellular telephones are the handiest true technique of lengthy-term Birth Control, given it is proximity at the belt clip ( If you did not understand this one, your cell telephone is too near your right ear).

The Mystery of Cellular Telephone Communication

It is exciting how little understanding people have about cellular phones. My organization ( a cellular phone signal enhancement and jamming business enterprise:) ) gets calls from a person looking to use his cellular phone while the nearest tower is more than one hundred miles away. Did you recognize you can simplest broadcast a quick distance? That’s why they’ve cell towers installation all over the area. That is likewise why you best have a puny mobile telephone with puny batteries putting out only three/5 of a watt. What? For your cell phone to broadcast 100 miles, you want to have your cell telephone connected to a diesel generator cranking away even as all of the animals around you get fired from the one hundred,000 watts of power that you need to supply your voice to the caller at the opposite stop. “Can you pay attention me now?” you assert as the cell organization drops your call once more…. ( Note: Contrary to the claim via a famous mobile provider, I surely coined the phrase ” Can you hear me now?” when I first wrote a piece of writing in 2001)

To put it in the right perspective, the light on the quiet of a flashlight uses 10 times greater strength (7 watts) than your cellular telephone. The average family mild bulb uses 60 watts that are a hundred instances extra power than your cellular smartphone. The Microwave oven, which also uses microwaves similar to the mobile phone, consumes 1000 watts that is 1670 times the extra power than your little itty bitty wi-fi phone.

Why might all people suppose that their cellular cell phone with puny? 6 watts of output could reach extra than a hundred miles, while they lose the sign for the maximum part, they lose the sign? It’s the destroyed brain cells doing this, the Ross Perot syndrome.

Cellular Phone Manufacturers: Sub-Total Quality Management

Cell cellphone producers do have a sense of humor. Take an examination of the antenna they give you on most telephones. It’s a chunk of plastic, much like the fake mobile phone that your 2-year vintage kid has. Come to consider it’s miles exactly, just like the cellular cell phone that your 2 12 months antique youngster has. The antenna does not say anything. I am aware of it’s a shocker. However, the little piece of plastic lifted a few inches out of the plastic phone is useless. A few companies have a chain of telephones without a plastic antenna to stick out as a remember of reality. Now there may be nothing to chew on while the mobile smartphone agency drops your call.

The people that manufacture cellular telephones were all given our number right. They produce a new version each month that doesn’t even take the previous version’s batteries or add-ons. What’s the deal right here? It’s awful enough that cellular telephones can not use “triple-A, “double A” batteries; however, the same corporation cannot even standardize them so that we don’t should dip into our wallet each time some other feature comes out. Come to think about it, if my CD Player uses the identical batteries as my Penlight Flashlight, why can’t cellular manufacturers use those batteries as nicely?

These wi-fi telephones are being produced in all styles of sizes and sorts. Some are large, some small, and a few are so small that I am scared of swallowing it as I scream a the person at the opposite case of the decision asking them, “Can you hear me now!!!!?” The first-class are those ‘Flip Phones’ or, as I want to refer to them, Broken Flip Phones. Motorola invented them and studied how terrible that agency is doing. They got the idea from Star Trek. You realize…The communicator. But on Star Trek, the communicator additionally doubled as a Phaser. It’s tough enough to get your mobile phone to work as a communicator. Like an addict, we demand better Cell Phones!

Cellular Phone Lack of Communication Companies

Cell telephone businesses are allowed to pressure you loopy. I suppose it’s far a part of the FCC licensing necessities. Cellular verbal exchange companies all assist you to dial a name, and then, at the same time as you are in the middle of a communique, they disconnect. But the annoying component is that it simply doesn’t disconnect. Instead, the signature moves in and out from side to side and makes you sound like you are in a restroom some of the time. (Oh yeah, cell phones must be banned from bathrooms. Also, it’s pretty scary hearing a person speak me to themselves in the stall beside you).

This all occurs at the same time as you preserve repeating the magic Make My Phone Work Please word: ” Hello? Can you listen to me now? “. Then to make things even worse, you begin walking around like a chook pecking at corn kernels, searching out that one spot in which the signal could be stronger. I am positive you may swear that your mobile cell phone works better at one precise spot in your house than in every other. The question is: Why are you the use of your cell telephone in your house? Use the landline smartphone. At least there is a copper twine connected, and it doesn’t value your money like a taxi in visitors!

Another nightmare is trying to figure out which cellular phone enterprise is imparting the pleasant viable plan. It isn’t obvious, and they do it for the cause! They offer you 600 high time minutes and six hundred middle of the night minutes. Then, as an advantage for believing their spiel, they throw in 2 hundred every time minutes and a calling card which you can’t use on Tuesdays. You cannot use the prime time mins at night time and the middle of the night minutes all through the day. Then they hit you with weekend minutes. Hey. Wait a Minute! All they’re doing is locating a way to confuse you so they can rip off your treasured time and money! How approximately those dropped name minutes or the ones “I can not pay attention you… Are you able to hear me ” minutes you are buying? Can we get credit for them and turn them into each time mind you can use on weekends?

I marvel if I can have the final 10 minutes of an hour. What would they charge me for that? At least with the landline phone, I knew in which I stood. I want one of these businesses to be sincere sufficient to inform you that they can provide the cheapest plan for the equal awful carrier as all people else. Whilst you suppose to procure the pleasant plan, you get your first invoice. The $40 a month plan is now costing you $70, and the $90 a month plan is costing you $a hundred and twenty. How is this viable? Government. They take out a bit of you to cover every hazard they get as a good deal as 30% receive your bill as hidden franchise charges, county, and country taxes. The disgusting thing about that is that Government is taxing your private conversations. The greater you communicate, the greater they get. And some of us communicate plenty. We are addicts!

Cellular Phone Addicts: A Road Hazard

Laws are being surpassed requiring anyone that drives an automobile to use hands unfastened gadgets so that their complete attention is focused on riding the automobile. The government is doing this due to the fact they have got a sense of humor. They recognize just how silly your appearance if you have this element protruding from your ear and you are speaking at the same time as a person who pulled up beside you at a light is calling your manner. They see you talking to yourself. What is even funnier is which you actually go through the hand motions, and your head jerks simply as if the person was sitting right beside you. You are nevertheless preoccupied with cell phone communication, and your arms lose simply that. One hand on the wheel and the other making gestures. It likely might be better if the opposite hand was conserving the cell phone…This way, you would not appear like such an idiot.

What actually is ridiculous is that our government is speaking me approximately passing a regulation stopping people from the use of wi-fi telephones in a vehicle while they’re riding. Why the unexpected subject? It is due to the fact Cell Phones are famous, and this is clean trouble, making it clean for politicians to deflect our attention from the actual hassle in South Florida: Bad Drivers. We still have people in this country with driving force licenses that can’t see or can not even drive. At our put-up workplace someone, with a legitimate Florida State driver’s license pressed the wrong pedal and multiplied their vehicle over the sidewalk and into the glass shop front, injuring numerous people. It happens all the time. You don’t have to worry approximately people like this having a cell smartphone taking their interest away. What you want the government to do is pass a law that requires trying out of absolutely everyone and taking those humans that do not know a way to force or can not see off the road. In reality, give them each a mobile phone. That way, they can name a taxi, and our roads will be a safer place. After that occurs, then address the ‘cellular phone utilized by the driver’ hassle.


So that is what I sense about the cellular phones and cell phone enterprise. It has developed all of us into dim-witted addicts who can be a part of the impolite way-less society absolutely managed via cell telephone batteries. I notion sooner or later I might invent Cellular Tele-Pa-thetic Communication that would remedy us of this addiction to all pass again to now not talking to every other… Face to face. We need to be cured! ” Do you hear me now?”

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