Your Network Marketing Business Blog – 5 Good Reasons To Use WordPress

If you are running a blog as one of all your techniques in your Network Marketing business, I suggest using WordPress.Org because of the platform to your weblog. A weblog is simply another form of a website; besides, it is much easier to create and replace than a ‘normal’ internet site. Creating a web page using WordPress is almost the same as writing an editorial in Word for Windows or another enhancing application. In this newsletter, we describe 5 motives why you should use WordPress.Org in your blog.

Two major types of structures for growing a weblog are:

1) A “Server-Side Web-Based” software absolutely managed with the aid of your Web host and by using YOU. Examples of these are WordPress.ORG, MovableType, TypePad, and others. It’s important to have this form of the blog if you’re doing commercial enterprise on the internet because it becomes your asset and cannot be taken far from you. In the assessment, the web-based totally applications may be taken far from you with no caution, and also, you may not ever get it returned once more.

2) A “Web-based totally application” that is managed by the internet hosting network. Examples of those are Blogger, WordPress.COM, Wetpaint, Lindsay, and several others.

Following are Five Good Reasons to Use WordPress.Org

Reason Number 1: The Search Engines love WordPress blogs

With just a little expertise about key phrases and seo, it is VERY smooth to index Google on your key phrases.

The quality manner to have Google index (have it listed in Google) your new WordPress weblog is to post your blog’s RSS feed to some search engines. Don’t worry about what an RSS feed is, in case you do not know. You don’t need to recognize everything method; you just want to recognize what to do with it.

So, when you create your weblog and your first blog, put up:

Type inside the URL of your weblog inside the Address Bar of your Web browser (ideally Firefox).
Once your weblog is displayed, appearance to where your URL is typed, and you need to see a touch orange container.
Click on the orange field, and your net browser must open up the RSS feed of your blog. The textual content displayed might also appear like gobbledegook, however, do not worry approximately that. The search engines can interpret what is written for the RSS feed.
Copy that RSS Feed URL and Paste it into Notepad or your favored Text Editor.
Now, go to Feedage.Com and Submit your Blog’s RSS Feed URL you copied into your Text Editor.
Now go to Feedagg.Com and Submit your Blog’s RSS Feed URL you copied into your Text Editor.
The next day – after submitting your feed as defined above – Look in Google’s index to see if your Blog is indexed. To find your blog on Google:


Go to the Google Search Engine at Google.Com
In the Search container, kind within the following:
website:yourblogurl.Com (replace yourblogurl.Com with the URL of your blog)

After clicking the Google Search button, your blog URL should be indexed; this means that Google has listed your weblog. This way that your blog could be located somewhere inside the Google listings.

Reason Number 2: Using WordPress will save you plenty of time

WordPress will prevent a whole lot of time for the subsequent reasons:

1. It is simply fast and easy to put in. WordPress takes about 5 seconds to put in right away, supplied you’re using a web hosting employer that lets you do an on the spot installation. Make positive you get an internet host with “CPanel” – if the internet host has it, they’ll state that it has CPanel on their Feature page.

2. It has a clean to use management interface, which allows you to find things fast and work extra successfully.

3. It’s very smooth to improve. You could most of the time simply click on the “improve button,” and WordPress will set up the upgrade routinely.

4. It is splendidly smooth to maintain the tune of remarks and slight, approve, and disapprove of them.

5. There are packages that you may virtually “plugin” (with a few clicks of your mouse) on your weblog. These packages are referred to as “plugins” and permit your weblog to without difficulty do all kinds of other things, which include back up your database, make remarks look specific, permit for social interactivity like “tweeting your posts” or “sharing a publish with Facebook.”

6. Save yourself a whole lot of time via preventing junk mail. Use the plugin Akismet and WP-junk email loose, and you might not have any unsolicited mail. (or little or no besides).

7. And, any other massive time saver – you may write your posts earlier and time table them for the following week or two. So… You could log into your blog once per week, set up your posts, then relax or move on vacations.

Reason Number three: Search Engine Optimization is supplied by using WordPress

WordPress makes it VERY EASY to do Search Engine Optimization. Here are a few simple tips for making sure your content is optimized for your Blog.

1. Find out what key phrases your goal marketplace is typing into the search engines like google and yahoo, then use those Keywords on your Blog Post Title.

2. Make positive your Categories include key phrases, and choose an applicable Category for every one of your posts. Select the simplest ONE class for every put up; you will get the Duplicate content material in any other case.

3. Use a Custom shape to your Permanent Links. A Permanent hyperlink is a URL for a blog put up. The Permanent hyperlink (additionally named “Permalink”) includes your blog call, the category, and the blog post title. For instance, the URL should appear something like this: your blog name/Category/PostTitle – however, if you do not select a custom shape for your permalinks, they may encompass numbers and meaningless words. This significantly reduces the chances of your put up acting in the engines like google, when people kind of your keywords.

Change the shape of the Permalinks by doing the following:

1) From the dashboard of your blog, choose “Settings” from the left-hand facet menu.
2) Choose Permalinks, and pick out the radio bullet “Custom Structure.”
three) In the field next to “Custom Structure,” type in/%category%/%postname%/

By typing the above custom structure, the Permanent Link (URL) for each of your posts will include:

Your Blog call + Category Name + Title Name for Post

Make positive you’ve got a Sitemap for your Blog. Use a plugin to create a sitemap routinely. The following are 2 exact plugins:

XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress
– Dagon Design Sitemap Generator

Use the ones 2 sitemaps together, and you’ll get a Google-friendly and User-friendly sitemap page.

I may want to upload lots more SEO pointers for WordPress. However, it is enough for now.

Reason Number 4: Updating Your Web Pages for your Blog is Very Easy

It is spotless to write down and update your content material in your weblog with WordPress. And, you don’t want to realize any HTML. If you’ve got owned an everyday internet site (by using that, I mean, “now not a blog”), you may need to contact your webmaster whenever you need it up to date. Or, perhaps you did what I did and found out HTML. And, it might have taken you an extended to learn the HTML and, in fact, make the web page look fine.

Once WordPress is installed, it is clearly clean to add new posts and new pages and replace them. It’s clean to feature photographs and movies to your weblog posts and pages. If you’ve got ever used Word for Windows (or something similar), you may be able to make a pleasing-looking publish on WordPress.

When you edit or write a new submit in WordPress, little buttons are displayed above wherein you type you put up. To alternate your text to formidable or shade or something else, highlight the textual content, then click whichever button is required. If you need to layout your heading, kind in and highlight the text you just typed, then click at the “pull-down arrow” wherein it says Paragraph.

Practice a touch bit before you publish your post. There is a button you could click to “View you submit” earlier than publishing it.

Reason Number five: It’s Easy and Simple to make your Blog look Great.

The WordPress builders have made it honestly easy and clean to make your weblog appearance lovely. And, there are so many specific ways your weblog can look. Something referred to as a “Theme,” or a “Template” is used to pretty up your weblog after you’ve got installed it.

There are literally masses of subject matters you can pick out from, many are unfastened, and there also are some of the paid themes. The paid themes often have functions that aren’t to be had in the loose issues.

You could have any website constructed with WordPress, get the advantages of having it seen fast by using serps, and no-one will understand it’s been built the usage of WordPress. If you’re new to blogs, I endorse commencing with installing an unfastened topic yourself. It’s effortless and easy!

There are basically 3 ways to get your self a Theme (also called Template) to make your weblog look great:

Install it yourself from the Administration place of your blog.
Download a Theme from somewhere on the Internet, then Upload it from your weblog’s administration location.
Have a person else install and personalize your weblog for you.

How to Install weblog your self

There are 2 methods to do that – pick out a loose subject matter from the administration area of your blog, or discover an unfastened or paid topic by looking through the themes available.

1. Select Theme from Admin area of WordPress

Once you’ve logged into your blog, click on “Appearance” from the left side menu, then on “Themes.” From the massive Tabs on the top of your admin area, ensure “Install Themes” is chosen. See wherein it says “Feature Filter Find a subject based on specific capabilities”?

Tick some of the little bins to have a diffusion of topics displayed to select. The fewer bits you choose, the greater alternatives you will have.

For example, I chose orange and a couple of columns, then clicked on the button “Find issues” and got quite a pleasing choice. All you want to do now is click on deploy to install the theme you want. Easy Peasy!!

2. Download a Theme

The respectable WordPress.Org website has over 1,000 subject matters you can pick from. Pick your subject matter and click on the Download button. If you save it onto your laptop, you’ll locate it without problems. After downloading the subject matter on your pc, add it from the administration area of your weblog and click on the button to install as defined below:

From the “Install Themes” area, click up the pinnacle in which it says “Upload.”
Click the “Choose File” button, select your File and click on the “Install Now” button.
I’ve given you quite a few motives for using WordPress.Org as your blog platform. I accept as true that I’ve inspired you to apply this unique platform for your weblog so that you find set up, modification, and writing blog posts easy and clean for your Network Marketing enterprise.

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