Giving Your Kids Their Own Space

It’s important to give your kids their own space – not only for the sake of allowing them some privacy but also for you. Your home needs to welcome you, not just the kids. You don’t want the children’s clutter constantly taking up the whole house. Plus, your kids would appreciate having their own special place to play. No matter the size of your home, you’ve got some options to give your children their own space.


Separate Rooms

If you’ve got a large family, it cannot be easy to give your child their own bedroom. Have you considered making one large room into two smaller ones? Plasterboard is an affordable way of creating a new wall. It can seem like a dramatic house change, but there are so many benefits for your children. A parenting blog discussed the perks of a child having their own bedroom. These included giving your child responsibility, a place to go to calm down, and a place they can host their friends.


If you’ve got a garden, you could consider the idea of putting a playhouse outside. Don’t worry; this doesn’t mean spending lots of money on a custom-built playhouse. It could be something as simple as a garden shed. During the summer, you could store the tools elsewhere in the house and transform the shed to be more child-friendly. Some pillows, blankets, and toys can instantly make a shed look cozy and welcoming.


Continuing to focus on the outside, you could build a treehouse if you’re feeling like a DIY project. This is a long-term build and will give your child so many happy memories. They can help decorate it and truly make space their own. Not to mention it encourages them to stop looking at a screen and get outside more.


The stereotypical attic is dusty, full of clutter, and a forgotten part of the home. If this is the case with your attic, why not consider making it into a den? It benefits everyone. It gives you an excuse to sort out and create a new space in the family home. Keep the design simple and minimalistic.  Remember, it won’t be a playroom forever. Once you’ve cleared out the attic, it can act as a blank canvas, and you can create whatever space you want from it. It can grow up alongside the needs of your family.

Under the Stairs

Similar to the likes of the attic, if your house has a space under the stairs, chances are it acts as a storage space and nothing more. Whatever size space it is, you can get creative with it. A little room under the stairs could be made into a reading nook, with a light, cushions, and books. If there is more space under your stairs, you could put some beanbag, board games, and toys to create a playroom. No matter the size of the room, your child will appreciate the creativity and the fact you’re doing your best to give them their own space.

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