4 Reasons to Move Your Blog to a VPS

Not too long ago, we moved Wide Info to a virtual private server. Shared hosting plans were no longer sufficient, and continuing to use them would have hampered the site’s performance by a bigger and bigger margin. A virtual private server was the most suitable option.

We know that many bloggers face the same set of problems with their shared hosting plans; we know how that feels too. In this article, we will go over the five reasons to move your blog to a virtual private server or VPS to help you decide if it is the right time for your own migration.


You Get More for Your Money

VPS hosting comes with pre-allocated server resources. While you may still share the physical server or cloud cluster with other VPS users, the ratio is much lower than shared hosting. This allows the resources assigned to your account to be assigned exclusively.

When you have four processor cores and 4GB of RAM, you actually have those resources available at all times whether your website uses them or not. You also get dedicated storage and a more capable backbone to support your website.

It Can Handle More Load

The server resources you get with your VPS account translate to better server performance, especially when compared to shared hosting plans. In a shared hosting environment, you are limited by the server usage of hundreds – if not thousands – of other websites on the same server.

A VPS is more flexible than that. You can easily handle thousands of visitors even when your site is resource-intensive. You also have a better ability to deal with concurrent traffic, plus you can maintain the same performance level under heavy load.

Your Site Will Perform Better

Speaking of performance level, it is also not a secret that moving your blog or website to a VPS account will result in a substantial performance boost. The more resources you have available, the better your website will perform when accessed by users.

With site performance and user experience being valuable metrics for SEO, the benefits of moving to a VPS account go beyond the server’s boundaries. You will start ranking better while delivering a smoother, more enjoyable user experience in general.

It’s More Affordable Than You Think

It is normal to think that a VPS service is expensive; it used to be the case. Today, however, affordable VPS services are easy to find. You can spend as little as $5 per month and get a good VPS service for your blog.

VPS bridges the gap between a shared hosting service and a dedicated server. You get pre-allocated server resources the way you do with a dedicated server without the hefty price tag and complex initial setup. You can begin with the migration almost immediately with a VPS account registered.

If your blog suffers from a bad performance and starts to lose traffic because of it, now is the perfect time to consider moving to a VPS server. With more plans to choose from, finding one that suits you is easier than ever.

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