How To Get Your Home Ready For Autumn

As the seasons change, so should your home, and Autumn is no exception. Autumn for your home is very much the calm before the storm. It’s a chance to prepare your property before the worst of the year’s weather arrives. However, Autumn presents a wonderful opportunity to redecorate your home for the new season. So, let’s consider stylish and practical factors when preparing your home for Autumn.


Shades Of The Season

You can change your home’s color palette each time the seasons change. So, what colors suit Autumn? The classic choice would be darker maroon reds and oranges to match the leaf’s changing colors and the trees. Of course, you can also think about replicating the shades of the trees, introducing ash browns and hazel shades to your home design.

You probably think that changing the furniture in your home for each season is silly, and we couldn’t agree more. Instead, it would help if you focused on changing the soft furnishings in each room. This is a great way to transform your home for each season, even on a budget. So, you can add dark brown throws to the beds or maroon cushions to sofas and chairs. You will be amazed at how much this changes the overall design of your property.

Opt For Thicker Curtains

Autumn is when the winds outside start to pick up speed, and the temperatures begin to drop. Run your hand through the air by the windows inside your home. Do you notice a slight, cold breeze? This could be a sign of poor insulation. It’s an expensive fix, and investing in thicker curtains is the easiest way to handle the problem. These will trap the heat in your property, keeping it comfy throughout the rest of the year. Companies like Montgomery Interiors can provide ready-made curtains that look fantastic as part of your home and will keep you warm until winter. There are lots of styles to choose from, too.

Get Rid Of The Seasonal Furniture

Your garden might still be full of seasonal furniture left over from summer. Autumn is the time to remove that furniture and clean out the clutter from your backyard. As well as opening the space and and providing you with the perfect panoramic view of frosty mornings will save your furniture from getting damaged as the bad weather starts to arrive. Putting seasonal furniture in the shed, garage, or storage will ensure it doesn’t rust or rot.

The Scent Of The Season

Of course, getting your home ready for the change in the season isn’t just about how it looks but how it smells. You want to ensure you welcome the smells of Autumn into your home. It’s a great way to make sure it feels warm and welcoming. You can add natural scents to your home, such as lighting an open fire. Consider using fig candles or similar accessories if you have nothing resembling a real fire. You’ll love the musky, woody scent this provides for your property.

Give Your Front Door An Autumn Wreath

We often think of wreaths being purely for the end of the year, but that’s not the case. An autumn wreath can be a brilliant, beautiful, and bright addition to your home, providing more curb appeal. It’s a rustic accessory, and you’ll find plenty on the market right now as they have become very popular with buyers not quite ready to give up the summer season. With this beautiful accessory, you can remember the butter yellows and bright colors of the past season. As well as being able to buy a wreath like this, they can be a DIY job, too. You can easily make your own if you have some time and a little patience.

Make Some Space For Winter Wear

Finally, Autumn will mean that the winter coats, jackets, and gloves start to emerge from the closets, and that’s great, as long as you have a place to put them all. As such, you should clear a space near the front door where they can be kept and hung up. Otherwise, they just get dumped in the hallway, making it look a mess. Perhaps it’s time to shop for a rustic coat rack that could bring more character to this space in your property.

We hope you take some of these ideas, preparing your home for the autumn season.

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