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Keen IPA for iOS 11.1 jailbreak

Apple continuously releases iOS 11.1 beta these days. Every beta release includes bug fixing or new features. It always makes a stable iOS version. When comparing iOS 11 and iOS 11.1 betas, iOS 11 is the iPhone mobile history’s turning point. Apple has added more than 100 features through iOS 11 betas, and It introduced the iPhone X to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Apple with the iOS 11 version. Most of those presented features have already been used as jailbroken features. So, Jailbreak always raises the value of the iDevice by adding third-party apps.

Jailbreak means removing Apple software restrictions of iDevices to install third-party apps unavailable in the App Store. Even if Apple tries to prevent the Jailbreak, it is a legal process. However, it can not apply the same jailbreak process for every device or iOS version. It may vary depending on the device model and the iOS version. When looking at iOS 11.1 jailbreak, it is the same procedure.

So far, the Keen Team is the only developer hinted about the jailbreak possibility of iOS 11.1. However, the Keen Team has done it privately. According to the developer, this method can apply to all the iOS 11.1 beta versions to install third-party apps. This is the second successful attempt of the Keen Team. The First Jailbroken attempt showed the possibility of iOS 11 second beta and iOS 10.3.2 at MOSEC 2017.

What is the Keen IPA, and how to use it?

IPA file means iOS application archive file. It is full of the content of functions or apps. Keen Team made Keen IPA a jailbreak tool targeting only iOS 11.1 beta versions, and It needs to be developed more for the iOS 11.1 version. There are several challenges to be successful for the Keen team to archive Jailbreak for iOS 11.1. The main challenge is the jailbreak prevention of Apple. Apple always tries to stop the Jailbreak by increasing security protection. Apple already has protected the iOS 11 version, which will grow more when it releases the iOS 11.1 version.


Apple will probably patch this Keen IPA method when it releases iOS 11.1 public version. Until then, jailbreak fans can use the following guide. However, Keen IPA is only compatible with iOS 11.1 beta versions, and you cannot use the same tool and jailbreak process for iOS 11 & iOS 11.0.X versions.

Requirements before starting the Jailbreak.

  • A device running any iOS 11.1 beta version.
  • Cydia Impactor tool according to the Operating System. (Windows or Mac or Linux)
  • Disable Touch ID, turn off Find My iPhone, and disable Passcode until complete the Keen jailbreak process.

Step Guide

Step 01 – Download Keen IPA from here.

Step 02 – Download Cydia Impactor from here.

Step 02 – Connect the device with the PC.

Step 03 – Open Cydia Impactor. Drag the Keen IPA and drop it into the Cydia Impactor.

Step 04 – It asks for your Apple ID and the Password to sign the Keen IPA.

Step 05 – It will place the Keen App on your home screen. Trust the app first to open it.

Go to Settings — > General — > Profile and Device management — > Trust the app.

Step 06 – Go to the home screen again and open the Keen app.

Step 07 – Tap the Jailbreak button and let it complete the jailbreak process. It will take a few seconds to complete.

Step 08 – When it completes the process, your device will restart. Then go to home screen and find Cydia. Now, users can install third-party apps using Cydia.

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