Choosing the Right Sink to Fit Your Needs

Every home has a sink, whether in the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry. They are used to wash hands, food, family pets, and even clothing. Therefore, with so many potential uses and locations, it stands to reason that careful consideration should go into selecting the perfect one. In this article, we highlight the necessary questions to ask when choosing the right sink:

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What will the sink be used for?

Sinks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and if you don’t have a particular purpose in mind, there can be an overwhelming number of options. Do you need a kitchen sink to do the dishes and wash vegetables? Do you need a bathroom sink for guests to wash their hands and faces in? Or do you need a laundry trough to get the washing done for your family? When you know why you need a sink, the rest can follow.


What will the sink be made of?

Most people think about sinks and immediately picture stainless-steel vats. But sinks come built in a variety of different material types. If your sink will see regular, possibly rough use, a stainless-steel sink is recommended. But if you’re looking for a visually appealing sink, you may want to go for porcelain or ceramic. Other material options include acrylic, cast iron, and granite.

How will it be installed?

The way your sink will be installed in your home is also something to consider. Top mount style sinks are most commonly used for kitchen sinks, while drop-in style sinks are common with laundry sinks. Both are easy to install, which is why they are more common. Under-mount style sinks are gaining more popularity these days among people getting kitchen and laundry sinks, while wall-mounted and floor-standing style sinks are good for standalone utility sinks.

How big will the sink be?

The size of your sink will be determined by what you want to do in it. You will need to consider how often it will be utilized (will it be constantly filled with dishes and pots?) and how big your pots are. For a bathroom sink, sizing is usually determined based on the bathroom’s size and personal preference, as most usage is quite uniform (brushing teeth, washing hands, etc.).

Will the sink match your home style?

What style are you looking to promote throughout your household? You don’t want a sink that looks out of place in your home. You will want to pick a modern-looking sink for more modern-looking houses and vice versa for traditionally designed homes. Streamlined architecture works well with stainless steel and square shapes, while the more comfortable, rustic style homes are better suited for cast iron or ceramic style sinks.

A final thing to think about when getting a sink is what type of tap you will use. But whatever you do choose, make sure you follow the tips above to ensure you not only get the best sink possible for your needs but also a great tap to go with it.

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