How to become an out-performing ecommerce manager

eCommerce market is rapidly growing every year – according to Statista, it is expected to grow by roughly 4479 bln dollars in 2021. Each year there are more and more job positions connected with managing an online store.

But we will tell you straight away: ecommerce Manager is a very complex job. They are responsible for the growth and development of ecommerce website. That’s why the person responsible for managing ecommerce should connect various fields: business and marketing, technology, growth hacking, online marketing and ecommerce development.Let us guide you through the main responsibilities of the ecommerce manager:

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1. Business and marketing background

One of the most important features of ecommerce manager is understanding the online marketing rules and the main aim of ecommerce websites, that is: selling. So if you don’t have a relevant education, try to gain some work experience in this field.

2. Focus on ecommerce development

The times when you just set up a ecommerce website and are done with it are long gone. We will tell you more: even simple conversion optimization is not enough right now. Forget major redesigns every few years, forge blind-guesses in conversion rate optimization. As a ecommerce manager you should embrace the even wider approach, that is: ecommerce development. It’s the unstoppable, constant ecommerce website development that brings increased revenue with every month.

No time for this? Try outsourcing. For example Growcode – it’s the first solution for ecommerce development that brings guaranteed revenue. It’s a completely new way for ecommerce development that bypasses It resources to deliver guaranteed revenue uplifts. And what’s the most important: takes ecommerce website development completely off manager’s shoulders. Growcode is a complete package of strategies, people, tools and tactics that delivers ongoing website evolution.

3. Eye on priorities

There are literally dozens of ways in which you can improve the performance of your ecommerce website. As a ecommerce manager you should know how to choose the best ones in terms of: price, time to implement and expected output.

4. Managing the team of specialists

As a ecommerce manager you will manage as well as recruit the team of specialists and well as outsourced companies. You will cooperate with developers, graphics, marketers and webmasters and optimize their job according to what’s best for ecommerce website performance. And we will tell you right away – there is never enough time to do everything that you would like to implement on your website. And that’s how we go back to point 3 – good prioritization is the key here.

Final word:Successful ecommerce managers will eventually be the ones, who can focus on key issues in ecommerce development and will be able to recruit the best specialists on the market to perform it the best possible way.


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