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Lucknow, the city with the Nawabi Swag

The capital city of Uttar Pradesh is one of the most popular cities in India. It is famously known as the city that belongs to the Nawabs, and it has been famous over the years for its beautiful monuments, delicious food, and clothing, all of which reflect the Mughal Empire in some way or the other.

The city of Lucknow is located on the River Gomti and has been a spot for people who would like to explore the culture and traces of the Mughal Empire that was once a part of ancient India. The city has also been famous for its mild manner, ‘Tehjeebs (hospitality) and Adams (manners).’ It is also known for its traditional dance form, Kathak, which represents the city and the country today.

The city is known for its handicrafts and is also filled with art inform of its monuments around the city, and one can hire a car rental in Lucknow and visit these picturesque architectures.

History lies in the air of Lucknow, and one can not only observe that in the monuments that are present in the city but also hear it in the languages spoken here.

Though there are different places and, most importantly, a long list of delicious food that would keep you engaged in Lucknow, one shouldn’t miss the opportunity of visiting some of the places that are nearby.


Kanpur is popular as the industrial, commercial, and educational hub for Uttar Pradesh. It is also the largest producer of leather products in the whole of Asia. This city also has a huge importance because of its historical aspect.

This city was originally known as Kanhiyaur, which is after Lord Krishna. It is said that Hindu King Chandel was the one who founded the city of Kanpur. Located on the Ganges River banks, this is one of the most populated cities present in Uttar Pradesh.

Located only 94.7kms away from the city of Lucknow, one can visit this beautiful place by hiring an outstation taxi in Lucknow.

Below are some of the places that one should visit while in Kanpur:


Bithoor: this is a small town present in Kanpur and houses the Ganges River in its premises. This town sees numerous pilgrims all around the year due to its religious importance. For all the history lovers, this place holds its importance as this place was instrumental in the famous battle of the Seige of Campore and also in the 1857 revolt in India.

One can hire a Lucknow to Kanpur cabs and reach this place.

Kanpur Gardens: Kanpur has been known for the numerous gardens that are present across the city. The Government well maintains these gardens, and one can relax and enjoy the view in these gardens. Some of the gardens that one can visit while in Kanpur are: Nana Rao Park, Phool Bagh, Japan Garden, etc.

Shri Radhakrishna Temple: this temple was built by the J.K. Trust and contained five shrines that have been dedicated to the five deities from Hindu mythology. The architecture of the temple represents a neo-Hindu form of architecture and is built with white marbles.

Allen Forest Zoo: This Zoo is spread across 190acres of land and is one of its kind as this is among the very few zoos present in India that present inside a natural forest. The zoo has botanical gardens, aquariums, etc., that one should visit.

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