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PowerPoint remains the most popular, while a handful of presentation tools and platforms like Keynote, Prezi, and Google Slides are available to presenters.

PowerPoint has been around for ages, revolutionizing how people hold meetings and conferences and express their ideas to a face-to-face audience or even a big crowd on the opposite side of the globe. PowerPoint has evolved with technology, creating features that make it easy to create slides, add effects and animations, and assemble a stunning slideshow that everyone will remember.


While PowerPoint offers many templates and slide designs for you to use for your presentation needs, these can get old fast enough as many other people are most likely using the same templates. This means that even if you take detailed time and energy to create beautiful slides, you may develop a presentation that looks more or less like everyone else’s.


And this is where portals such as (aka FPPT) come in handy.

Thousands of Free High-Quality PowerPoint Templates

With an ever-growing collection of over 10,000 templates, you have hundreds of categories to browse through. This ensures you will not run out of templates to search for and use for whatever purpose you need for your slideshows. Categories range from personal and school to business topics. You can search for your desired template according to the type that matches your topic or theme.

You can also choose templates by color, as the FPPT portal has a color selection feature for you to click on the color you want, and the portal will return all templates with that color. Aside from this, you can also browse through templates according to tags, free presentation templates, and themes.

Professional-Quality Templates for Professionals

All the FPPT templates are high-quality, and even professionals can use the templates to present to all audiences. There are design sets and themes that can appeal to everyone or a specific target audience.

With the templates containing tips and guides, anyone—from students to seasoned presenters to design professionals—can recreate elaborate designs and effects based on the templates. They can also easily personalize the templates for different purposes or to match their topic or personal preferences.

Free Yet Premium-Quality PowerPoint Templates

What’s great about these stunning templates is that they are free to download anytime. All you have to do is go to the portal and look for the template you need using the categories, colors, tags, or keywords. Each template has a description and an elaborate review of its features and the topics they go best with.

This means you don’t need to subscribe and pay any fee for one or a dozen templates. You don’t need to sign up or give your credit card details either. You can go to the site and download any template you need.

You also have unlimited access to the over 10,000 (and growing) collection of templates in the portal. You can choose any template you want, try it out for your presentation, and even change it with another template without hassle or delay. This is very convenient if you’re in a rush—especially if you don’t want to spend on slides.

Be it a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or Google Slides, the pre-designed themes can be helpful for any presenter who lacks time to boost his productivity. Instead of reinventing the wheel or investing time in creating a design, presenters can focus on preparing the content, speech, and rehearsing, which are crucial to delivering an effective presentation.

With, you can put together powerful, polished, and great-looking slides without spending much time and money. This lets you focus on more important things, such as preparing your content or practicing your oral presentation.

The templates also allow you to easily create a collection of slides you can use anytime you need them. Since they are all in PowerPoint, you can save them to your computer or even to PowerPoint Online. Microsoft’s OneDrive also makes storing your presentations on the cloud easy, so you can easily retrieve them wherever you are and work on slideshows while you’re away from your desk.

Try out one of the thousands of free PowerPoint templates in one of the biggest online resources— Download templates for free and start creating powerful, compelling, memorable presentations.

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