Marriage, a beautiful word which terms the union of two souls. Every person is destined to one. India, a country with diverse culture is known for its colorful weddings. But that is not the story. Our grandparents got married at a pretty early age, maybe before 20. Then comes our parents. These people are a bit educated and more exposure. So when did these people decided to get married? This is a time where social stigma for fertility clinic in Mumbai is a counseling place for most of the couples. People only visit after they discover their inability. But it is always advisable to consult a fertility expert at your nearby fertility center in Mumbai if you are in the city. Pre-pregnancy counseling is a rising concept in maternity hospital to educate and create awareness among young couples post or even sometime before marriage.



Whatever work you do, however you plan your life, do consult experts in this industry. The biggest thing one would expect in life after marriage is a child, who gives meaning to our life. Maybe career is important but then it is not more important than the future of our marriage.