Godot 3.0 gets completely new 3D engine

With the fundamentally redesigned 3D physics engine, Godot’s creators want to invalidate one of the game engine’s main criticisms. Also new is the support for the mono SDK and scripting with C#.

The Godot open source game engine is waiting after about one and a half years of development work with a new major release: Godot 3.0 offers as a major innovation a completely redesigned 3D physics engine with optimized workflow.

Compared to competing for development environments, Godot’s 3D capabilities were previously considered a weak point, as chief developer Juan Linietsky admits in the announcement of Godot 3.0.

The new 3D renderer not only promises more performance but also has some exclusive features ready.


For example, Godot 3.0 is the first game engine to fully support Disney’s principled Bidirectional Scattering Distribution Function (BSDF).

In the future, common render options such as albedo, metalness, ambient occlusion, and roughness are also rim, anisotropy, subsurface scattering, the clearcoat, refraction, and transmission out-of-the-box are available and can even be combined.

Mono SDK and C # scripting

Thanks to the integration of Mono with Microsoft support, Godot 3.0 can be fully scripted in C # 7.0. The IDEs Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio Code are currently available.

Godot’s creators have also added a new API (Pascal-case) that is largely compliant with C # language conventions. However, support for C # is not quite complete yet: Godot 3.0 does not allow the export of games written in C # yet.

Getting started with the Godot3 game engine: Why choose the Godot engine.

Now is the best time to develop a game. The first reason is: You are still alive; if you hang it, you can’t develop the game anymore. The second reason is that access to development tools has never been so democratic.

That beautiful memory

I still remember that in 2006, that was the first lesson of my computer graduation course. A grown-up boy, very excited to learn how to develop and start trying to create a crappy little game that exists in my mind. I don’t mean to say how old or nostalgic I am (although both).

The best things we have in the US are the hidden web forums, many anonymous partners with common interests sharing the game development experience, and knowledge of the game development. I don’t know how I started using Google search to learn game development at that time.

Although Game Maker is 17 years old and RPG Maker is 24 years old (!), I have never heard of them or used some of their products.

My first class at the university was the foundation of computer programming, which taught the C language. At that time, I learned a little basic grammar; excited and stupid, my friend decided to make a Zelda game: similar to the past clone / inspired game. Indeed, every beginner is a bit silly. Somehow we managed to buy a Gaming laptop to spend our weekends with fun, not to forget buying cooling pads for gaming, that’s too important.


Game engine… everywhere in the game engine.

There are hundreds of millions of books, articles, development logs, and social networks that spread various knowledge and engines back to the present day. Everything is free or similar to free. List some engines that I can think of in my mind:

  • Unity
  • Unreal
  • Gamemaker
  • RPG maker

Because of too many choices, our hearts are usually contradictory. Which one should we choose?

Silk: Godot Engine

During my hard work years, I have accumulated a lot of experience in engines and programming languages. We have to say that we must mention the Unity engine. I dare say this is currently in small studios and independent developers.

The most popular engine is out. In 2013, in our beloved Critical Studio, I used it to develop some games. At the time, Unity was a great choice compared to other engines.

Now it’s still a great engine, especially in 3D. But after the Critical Studio studio was closed, I needed a simpler tool for development. Unity is expanding in size, loading speeds are slow, and developing 2D games requires a lot of hacking.

However, I think there is still something missing, perhaps a bridge between a local platform and a game framework? I want a similar tool to Haxe Flixel, but with more custom controls, like the WYSIWYG editor or the Unity editor.

The next thing, little-known new silk appeared in the city; it is the Godot engine. Godot was developed as a private engine in 2007 and was open-sourced until 2014. After 10 years of precipitation, it has become very mature.

When we found it, our feeling was that it was likely to have everything Rock Milk and I was searching for. We built React into a pilot project for Godot testing and defined a new product development process. In the end, we liked it because we found that the shortcomings of other engines were perfectly solved here.

Open source and community

Godot is open source and frees forever. The popular point is:

  • There is no tax, and there is no so-called annual and quarterly income cap.
  • Please don’t force them to use your splash screen, their add-on services, or cloud services that use them to host your projects.

open source


In 2015, Godot joined the Software Freedom Conservancy, which shows that Godot is very concerned about this.

Its development community is very active, not to mention their warehouse submissions and often new articles and progress reports. On Discord, you can see the enthusiasm and mutual help that everyone has played, as well as some of their own game discussions.

Cross-platform editing and publishing

Godot has a corresponding version of the editor for each operating system: Windows, Mac, and Linux. There is even an experimental version of the Raspberry Pi released by cam12win.

Everything else is as usual:

  • Desktop publishing platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Mobile publishing platform: Android, iOS, Windows Phone (experimental phase), and BlackBerry system (I am not kidding)
  • Web-version released with Emscripten (WebGL 2.0 and WebAssembly under development)


  • The constructed Godot only takes up 30M of your hard drive and contains (almost) everything. If you need to build a mobile version, you will need to download an additional 200M build the template, and that’s it.
  • I am not here because of the fast download speed or because other engines take up a large space of 3 to 30GB, but I illustrate the Godot team’s degree of performance.
  • Godot only needs a blink of an eye, and my old laptop that has been in use for 4 years has not been opened or loaded for more than 5 seconds. The maximum time I have been waiting for is about 1 minute, which is the time spent between clicking a button to publish to the Debug version of the Android platform.
  • Of course, the most important thing is: it can reflect the performance of your game. When I discovered that the Godot engine itself was a game developed by Godot, I was deeply shocked!

Friendly version control

  • Have you ever encountered a version conflict between a scene or a prefab or other object file in the repository when using Unity or Unreal? If anything, it’s hard to know how painful it is, especially in large teams.
  • Any object in Godot is saved as a text document, which is definitely a very friendly and readable file format for merge conflicts because we can easily distinguish multiple objects in multiple scenes (more on this later) so that each team member can focus on their work.

OK, Godot 3.0 has come…..

Of course, there is no excuse yet to try it out! You can use it to make small demos that will help you understand what I am talking about.

Also, take a look at this video and learn about all the new features being developed in the 3.0 release:

You can download an Alpha version if you want. Also, pay attention to this engine’s development route; this is really the gospel of game developers!

Also, Godot came to its first milestone, and it already has a sponsor, which allows Juan to devote himself to the development of the engine fully.

I sincerely hope to persuade you to join this passionate community and help increase the Godot engine’s growth rate. Have I touched you?

Comparison of Game engines with Godot.



Unity3D is a truly affordable engine for game developers, with many unmatched users by other engines. More importantly, you only have to pay once, and no matter how successful your game is, don’t worry that Unity will split your income.

Benefits: The most competitive licensing terms in the industry; easy to use and compatible with all gaming platforms; strong developer community support; learning thresholds are very high; developers have the highest usage rates.

Disadvantages: The number of tools is limited, so developers must create tools for themselves; it is time-consuming to do complex and diverse effects.

GameMaker: Studio

As a developer, gameMaker: Studio is the ideal choice if you want a simple yet fast and straightforward game engine to start the project; although the licensing fee is a bit expensive, the features you can get are still worthwhile;


Pros: Simple and straightforward for all developers; added programming language (GML); no need to handle tasks such as memory management or multithreading; independent of any platform.

Disadvantages: Program debugging in memory problems is cumbersome; licensing fees are relatively expensive.

Rage Engine


The engine is very versatile, and the more well-known games include GTA III, GTA: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas, and many well-known masterpieces.

Advantages: Excellent for compatibility and handling of larger worldviews and weather effects; sophisticated AI design leading other engines; very suitable for various gameplay; network programming is speedy; beautiful image quality.

Disadvantages: Compared with other top-level engines, the interface is poor; the keyboard and mouse control optimization is insufficient.

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