5 Most Common Causes Of Stress

It is no secret that sometimes life can get stressful. Sometimes it becomes easy to believe to that we are the only people out there feeling high levels of anxiety.

The truth is that everyone feels stress throughout their day. Here are some of the most commonly reported contributing factors.


They say that money makes the world go around. Therefore, if you find yourself feeling out of control with your finances, it can be extremely upsetting.

Not being able to pay your debts or feel like you are able to start saving rather than constantly spending is enough to send anyone into a pit of frustration.

To minimize your stress, consider making changes in order to improve your credit like getting debt consolidation or starting a savings account.

Relationship Troubles

Even the greatest of love affairs can have its moments which are less than perfect. Most couples report arguing at least once a week. Arguing is part of living a life with someone as you aren’t the same person and will frequently find that you have different ways of handling situations



In order to minimize this common stress, it is advised to try to always listen to the other person’s point of view. You may not necessarily agree with them, but you can respect that their opinion differs from yours and hopefully receive the same respect in return.


The daily grind of going to work can start to wear down on even the most tenacious workers. Pressure from colleagues and bosses or expectations for performance can start to add an enormous amount of stress to a person’s life.

Since most Americans spend 50% of their life at work, it is no surprise that it has a huge impact on their happiness.

It is important to try to remember that although work is important and you should always try to produce your best work, it isn’t the entire purpose of life. Being kind and making meaningful relationships while keeping a roof over your head should be your main focus. If you see things this way you will find yourself much less frustrated and pressured.


Having to uproot yourself and your family is extremely stressful. Over the years people can begin to accumulate so many things that it can seem completely overwhelming to imagine transferring it all from one place to another.

The organization of packing it all, transporting it, then having to unpack and reorganize again can be totally consuming.

Consider hiring a professional moving service in order to alleviate some of this stress.


Feeling like your body is sluggish or experience discomfort can detract from every area of your life. In order to avoid letting your health drag you down, try to live a balanced lifestyle focusing on things that benefit your body rather than damage it.

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