Basement can be your deal maker or your deal breaker. A lot of problems can arise in your basement from foundation cracks to musty smell because of molds. Such issues will make your potential buyers run straight out of the door. You must hire a professional to mend these problems if you have any in your basement. Basement is the foundation of your home, renovating it is not a minor task especially because of humidity and moisture.

So you must keep these things in mind before renovating your basement. A professional can help you chalk out the services you need without compromising your safety and will also help you stick to your budget. However, before calling a professional you might want to look into the problems yourself. Let us look into some tips that will help you to not only figure out the problems but also renovate your basement like a pro.


The last thing you would want is a flooded basement by coming spring when you just renovated it during winters. You must inspect your basement properly, check every corner of the basement and look for cracks or signs of moisture before you call someone to take care of it.


A lot of times rodents infect your house leaving food crumbs and poop in your walls, this may also lead to various health issues. You don’t want your potentials buyers to fall sick, it is wise to seal all such exterior points of entry. Further, you hardly have any picture of your client, so don’t over think about the layout. Finish the walls and keep the space as an open layout to help your buyer figure out as to what to do with space.


Most people when they think of renovation, painting is the first thing that crosses their mind as it is the best option on a low-budget flip. Sometimes when you open up the walls, you may find other problems that will over dramatically increase your budget. It is advisable to not renovate extensively, you should just make it presentable. You may add some simple storage racks made from 2x4s and 3/4 inch plywood, this will incorporate some bonus storage and will be extremely well-received by prospective buyers.


In case, you have the budget to make your basement more than presentable you can hire a professional and ask them to make some additional upgrades such as waterproofing, subfloors, and premium insulation. Not only this, educate your buyers of the same by clicking pictures. In addition to all this, if you are already plumbing for a basement washroom, consider having rough-ins installed for a kitchen as well. This is a huge selling point for many people.


Most people feel as if they are wise enough to renovate the whole basement by themselves. But it is extremely important to get an extensive home inspection. Buyers should do it before buying the property and sellers should do it before renovating the basement for the potential buyers. This inspection will be your renovation bible and will ensure the home scores when it’s inspected again by the new buyers.

So follow these expert tips and get a lovely and a budget-friendly basement renovation.