Getting Advice on Choosing an Engagement Ring

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It is not easy choosing an engagement ring. You need to consider several factors including her personal preferences, cost, size, material, and many others. Some men take a while to propose not because they don’t feel ready yet, but because they are yet to find the perfect ring.

Try not to hurry when you are searching for a suitable ring. Your patience in finding one is a sign that you love her so much that you are willing to go through this rigorous process. The good thing is you can seek advice from other sources to find the best ring possible.

Ask her friends

You might think that you already know her, but there might still be some secrets she is only willing to open up about with her friends. They can help tell you what she wants. Besides, if you are not the type who likes jewellery shopping, you might not know what to buy. As long as you can trust her friends to keep it a secret, there is nothing wrong in asking them to help you shop.

Celebrity sites

If you have enough budget to buy quality jewellery, why don’t you try the ones celebrities gave to their partner? You don’t need the same jewellery, but you can at least get inspiration from them. Your partner might also be the trendy kind, and she would love that you gave her something close to what celebrities have.

Online reviews

You can find a lot of proposal stories online that might guide you in choosing the perfect ring. These reviews and testimonials came from people who proposed to their partner in the past. They might have unique stories to tell or even funny ones at that. You can learn from their experiences, and avoid buying rings that could lead to an absolute disaster.

Order online

If you decide to buy the ring online, you can visit sites that offer various options. You can chat with a representative or call them over the phone to discuss your requirements. They will tell you what could be perfect for your partner given the descriptions you provide. You can get free advice from people who have been selling jewellery to lots of other men in the past who also seemed confused about which ring to buy.

fingerprint jewellery. This type of jewellery looks fantastic since it contains your fingerprints. Your girlfriend might not notice it at first. However, if you point out that your fingerprints are on the ring, she will feel touched. You can also explain to her that the reason for such a move is that you want her to think that you value her, and you are ready to give a part of yourself to her.

Her parents

Before you propose to her, you need to ask permission from her parents first. It might be very traditional, but it is a respectful way for you to do it. While you are speaking with them, you might as well ask them what type of ring would be suitable for her.

Take your time searching for the ring until you end up with the perfect jewellery she can’t say no to.


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