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Kolkata & You – The Perfect Partners

With a rich history, striking architecture, iconic cultural institutions, and bustling flea markets, Kolkata is surely one of India’s enigmatic cities. Packed with colonial mansions, beautiful mosques, and age-old monuments, the place spoils even the solo travelers visiting this City Of Joy for the first time. From exploring the city’s most defining monuments to stroll across the famous Howrah Bridge, shopping at the vibrant flea markets, and savoring delectable Kolkata delicacies- there is a lot that one can do in the cultural capital of India. If you are traveling alone, here is our guide on what to visit,’ ‘what to eat,’ and ‘where to stay when exploring the delightful city of Kolkata.

The Best Places To Eat In Kolkata, West Bengal

1- What to Visit-

the city is full of scenic sites and sounds that trace its rich, colonial past. From regal mansions to age-old monuments, you will find a feast of dramatic historic architecture here. So make sure you walk through the most defining landmarks at least. Visit the gleaming Victoria Memorial, the charming Howrah Bridge, the majestic Fort William, and the finest example of Indo gothic fusion, St Paul’s Cathedral. After exploring the cultural hotspots, head to the vibrant street markets to glimpse Kolkata’s shopping places. These bustling flea markets will offer an experience in themselves, from shops selling traditional woven textiles to artifacts, terracotta wares, and affordable souvenirs. Visit the ‘New Market’ with over 1500 shops; it is truly a paradise for all looking for a good bargain. When traveling between historic places and markets, use the Calcutta Tramways, Asia’s oldest surviving electric tram network.

2- What to Eat

when it comes to lip-smacking delicacies, they are best eaten on the streets of Kolkata. Whether you want quick bites or wish to relish a ginormous meal, you can enjoy all the gastronomic delights on the roads. The trendy Kathi roll from Nizam’s, Ghugni chaat, bhel puri, and puchka are the iconic street eats you cannot miss on your trip to Kolkata. If you have booked your stay in any of the top hotels in Central Kolkata, the likes of The LaLiT Great Eastern, don’t miss to relish a gourmet meal at restaurants like the Alfresco, the Tea Lounge, and The Legacy Grill. The perfect ambiance and unmatched hospitality at these top restaurants will make your dining experience in Kolkata a one to remember.

3- Where to Stay-

from budget to mid-range and luxury hotels, the ‘City of Joy’ offers various accommodation options for all solo travelers. However, if you want to experience luxury in the City of Joy, it’s best to book your stay in one of the top hotels like The LaLiT Great Eastern, also among Kolkata’s leading corporate hotels. These luxury hotels will ensure you enjoy the best comfort and leisure. The unmatched services and finest ambiance will ensure that you have a stress-free and unforgettable stay in Kolkata.

Follow the above guide to make the most of your solo trip to Kolkata. Book your tickets today!

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