Buying body jewelry can be little disorienting at first. Body jewelry is being found at inexpensive jewelry kiosks at shopping malls, online websites, and at high-end specialty studios staffed with professional piercers. So, when you’re making an investment into something you want to wear always, a little research helps in distinguishing the true gems from the worthless junk.

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Nowadays, there is no dearth of low-price wholesale body jewelry in the market. Moreover, there’s no government agency that certifies or regulates body jewelry. When it comes to body piercing jewelry, the quality of the product, both in the materials they are made from and the finish becomes extremely important. Therefore, your selection of right piercer and jewelry will significantly increase your chances for piercing healing.

However, it is difficult to find out whether you’re getting a good deal, both for your wallet and the health of your piercing or not. Following points are to be kept in mind while buying body jewelry.

Always buy Pre-Sterilized Jewelry

The best body jewelry retailer or a piercing studio has certified sterile jewelry that’s ready to use. Using clean and pre-sterilized jewelry is very important, especially for the initial piercing. This is because piercing needs healing and even slightest of germs can easily multiply and cause problems. Sterilizing jewelry is not something that you can do at home. It is only possible with the right equipment, using high temperatures in a controlled environment. To kill the germs and make jewelry safe for you, simply boiling isn’t enough. Moreover, using chemicals can damage your jewelry. This is the reason that people are not allowed to try on jewelry.

Internal threading is better

For those who are getting a fresh piercing, internally threaded jewelry is the best option. To reduce the cost, most jewelry is manufactured using advanced machinery. External threading causes more damage to initial piercing as you have to push a sharp object through piercing every time you take it in or out.

Moreover, machined threads may carry unsafe bacteria which will make your healing process long and painful. In order to avoid such risks, always use high-quality jewelry which has internal threading for more comfortable insertion and removal. This ensures that the ball has threads sticking out of it and post is round and smooth.

Jewelry of Implant-Grade Materials

Make sure the body jewelry for everyday wear should be of implant-grade. The implant-grade jewelry means that the material has been tested as safe for use in the body for extended periods of time. Be it unhealed piercings or healed piercings, using implant grade materials for body jewelry is a necessity for minimizing risks. Implant grade materials are safe as they are least likely to cause allergy, skin inflammation, or any long-term serious damage. Any material, like horn, bone, wood, or stone should be of the highest standard and certified to be used as implants.


Nothing can beat genuine gemstones, however, now high-quality lab-grown (synthetic) gems are also available. These are similar or even better than natural gems in terms of color and shine. The foil-backed crystals may contain lead and should be avoided.

Moreover, piercing requires some aftercare. The jewelry with gems or crystals must be of very high standards. Often, harmful adhesives or chemicals are used, such as glues, which are dangerous for the initial piercing. It’s important that high-quality materials are used, whether they are synthetic or genuine stones.

Nickel-free jewelry

Nickel is a toxic metal and therefore, it is strictly banned in many countries to be used for making jewelry. Body jewelry made of this metal must be avoided as Nickel allergies are extremely common and may cause serious damage.

Check the polish

The final process of jewelry manufacturing is polishing the material which plays a significant role for piercings. This is because even a slightly rough surface may lead to severe infections during the piercing healing process.

The thought of having body piercing and classy body jewelry sparks joy in us. Any piece of quality jewelry is a sign of class and adds beauty and elegance to our overall look. However, compromising on the quality of body jewelry may lead to serious problems in long-run. Remember, your piercing deserves the very best.