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Forex Fury EA Review for 2019-2020

Forex Fury is a powerful trading system that is only interested in providing low-risk, winning trades for its users. This EA is developed by a team of traders who guarantee 100% verified results with a 93% win ratio. Rated as one of the best EAs in 2019, Forex Fury is a good investment, and one that I stand by.

In this post, we will be reviewing some of the basic features offered by this product and conclude whether you can trust this EA for your forex trades in the current market (2019-2020).

Forex Fury Review Introduction

The Forex market is believed to be one of the most dynamic financial markets. This is why it’s unavoidable for the traders to get their hands on the basics of the forex market. The emergence of technology has however simplified the whole trading process. Today, you can find hundreds of forex robots and EAs on the internet that claim to deliver verified trading results with a great winning rate.

However, just like any other market, FX is also not free from scams. It is therefore recommended that you skim through a number of product reviews to determine which EA’s are legitimate that can be relied upon as a long-term trading ally.

The Forex Fury EA offers its clients real-time automated trading results accompanied with a 93% winning ratio and verified myfxbook accounts. This EA is appropriate for the brokers who deal with the MT4 trading platform. MT4 platform’s user-friendly interface and its capacity to work with diversified indicators make it a preferred choice for the forex traders.

Verified Live Trading Results

Verified trading results are certainly one of the biggest perks offered by the Forex Fury. Since this robot is designed to work on a low risk, high reward approach, it takes multiple trades on a daily basis. The biggest advantage is that the traders can do in-depth analysis of their myfxbook accounts as they are accessible and clickable. Plus, it holds capacity to opens 7 trades at one time. The trade strategy employed by the software is great at acquiring market ins and outs that ensure quicker and better trading results.

Proven Time-Restricted Strategy

Forex Fury lands with a proven time-restricted strategy that is believed to be extremely useful for multiple currency pairs. Noticeably, this EA can work on different pairs including USD/JPY, GBP/USD, XAU/USD, USD/CHF and USD/CAD. Forex Fury is a state-of-the art time-restricted scalper that works on M15 timeframe that delivers consistent profits and amazing results.

Simple and Easy to Use

Unlike other complicated forex automated programs, Forex Fury is incredibly simple to install and easy to use. The supplementary tutorials and videos are extremely useful for beginners who can immediately start using their product after taking hints from the provided material.


The Forex Fury EA offers two license choices to its clients including the Gold and the Diamond version. The former is priced at $229.99 while the latter comes with a price sticker of $439.99. The only difference between these options is the availability of live account licenses which is double in the case of the diamond package.

Unlimited Demo Accounts

The Forex Fury robot is devised in such a way that it can be used on multiple demo accounts. This gives freedom to the traders as they can test their EA with different currency pairs on diversified accounts.


Forex fury is a 100% automated trading solution which is compatible with almost all the prominent MT4 brokers including NFA, Build 600+ and the like.

Great Winning Ratio

The website claims that this product has capacity to minimize risk and optimize profits with up to 93% winning ratio, which is absolutely mind boggling. Plus, as you can track the trading results live, there is no margin for error.

Multiple Filters

Forex market is unpredictable. However, technology still holds the power to filter out the best market conditions or the most appropriate scenarios that can deliver optimum results. Forex Fury comes with multiple filters that allow traders to avoid the bad market situations. You can expect great results when you’re able to place your trade at the right time.

Great Customer Support

Forex fury is a result-driven service with possibly the best customer support one could have ever dealt with. The team tries their best to help traders learn how the whole system works. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced trader, you can get in touch with Forex Fury support team to know how you can get the most out of this product.


The forex market revolves around three basic elements – Convenience, Consistence and Great intuition. Forex Fury’s automated system luckily has all these attributes. From easy installation to great customer support and time-restricted, result-oriented approach, this software is certainly the best option when it comes to forex trading in 2019-2020.

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