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Instagram Business Profiles Vs. Personal Profiles – Which one is Better?

Instagram is a mobile, desktop, and internet-based photo-sharing application and service that allows users to share pictures and videos either publicly or privately. Back in May 2016, Instagram released its Instagram for Business features. Since then, new features have been rolled out for both personal and business accounts. With all these new amendments, it sometimes becomes difficult to decide whether to keep your page with a business look and feel or use your personal account for branding?

In this article, some details will be shared with you, which will help you determine if a personal Instagram profile or business Instagram account is better for you?

Following are some personal and business Instagram accounts that will make it easier for you to choose from two options.

Personal Instagram Profile Features

Business Instagram profiles offer some advanced features, personal accounts are simpler, and you can get all the basic features without any extra effort. The two main exclusive features that private accounts have been mentioned below.

  • Linking to Multiple Business Pages

While a Business account makes you link to a single Facebook profile, the personal Instagram account makes you link to multiple Facebook pages.

  • Private Account

Another exclusive feature of a personal account is that it can be set to personalized settings if you ever worry about strangers seeing your posts. This feature is not available in public accounts. It might not be the most exciting feature, but it’s worth mentioning.

Instagram Business Profile Features

Whereas personal profiles are all about the basics, with Instagram business profiles, users get access to a ton of advanced features, like contact information, Instagram Insights, and promoted posts, etc.

  • Instagram Ads

The Instagram business account makes ad creation easy. It uses the same powerful advertising tools as Facebook does, so you can set up, run, and track campaigns the same way you do with Facebook ads. Try promoting one of your best-performing posts with the ads tools to get your content in front of more people and promote your profile. You’ll increase engagement and followers.

  • Promote Posts

Now you can promote a post by clicking on it and then selecting Promote. Like Instagram ads, once you’ve set up a business profile on Instagram, you can promote your posts from within the app. It’s a lot like boosting a post on your Facebook page. Promoting your posts will help you gain followers on Instagram fast.

  • Contact Button

You can upgrade a personal Instagram profile to a business profile by linking your Instagram account to your Facebook business page. When you do that, Instagram pulls your Facebook business designation into your Instagram profile. And then, with a business profile, your Instagram account gains a Contact Button. With this Contact Button Feature, Instagram users have to click that button and then chose whether they want to email you, call you, or find your location on a map.

  • Instagram Insights

A personal Instagram profile has no access to analytics, but a business profile has access to Insights. One of Instagram’s best business features, Insights, is the app’s built-in analytics tool that provides detailed information on who your followers are when they’re online, and more. These insights include weekly insights: weekly impression, weekly reach, weekly profile views, and weekly call to action button clicks; and Audience insights include: gender breakdown, age range breakdown, top locations.

  • Add Links to Instagram Stories

Have you always wanted to add links to your Instagram Stories? Well, now you can! Instagram is now letting all business Instagram accounts with 10,000 or more followers add links to Instagram Stories. Before, this feature was only available to verified Instagram accounts.

Which one’s better? So after looking at all the features of both personal and business Instagram profiles, you can clearly see the winner would be the business profile, especially if you intend to do business through an Instagram account. It gives you a lot of features which would be very helpful to boost your business or brand. As a business on Instagram with clear marketing goals, the benefits that come from switching to a business profile completely outweigh! Plus, you can always switch back to a personal profile from a business profile at the end of the day if you decide that you don’t like features.

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