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Have you decided to enter the trading world? The popularity of cryptocurrencies has once again made trading come off as a glamorous profession to many. While it is true that trading can open up many opportunities for you and increase your potential to generate high returns, this can only happen when you have the required knowledge and expertise. Thousands of new traders join the market but leave it in the long run because they lack the knowledge and skills needed for operating in it. Education is the first step to becoming good at anything, which also applies to traders.

Trademy - Academia de trading con la mayor comunidad de traders

Nowadays, the internet can provide you with all the information you need, but it is unreliable. Therefore, you need the guidance and instructions of experts familiar with the market and can help you understand it. This is where Trade my comes in. This is an education platform established in 2009 and offered various trading courses to help them become successful traders in the long term. If you take a look at their website, you will find a variety of methods being offered. Let’s take a look at the top courses:

Course 1: Introduction to Trading

As the name indicates, this course aims at introducing newbies to the world of trading. Those fascinated with the trading world can take this course free of charge and learn exactly what trading is all about. There are fun and clear videos that impart knowledge in a simple language for everyone to understand. 24/7 access is provided, and the course is compatible with any device. A trial course is offered to help you know what to expect.

Course 2: Intro Trader Course

Trade has designed this course to teach aspiring traders about the stock and forex market. This might sound similar to the first course, but it is a step up. This program teaches you how to start your journey as a trader. Sure, the basics are covered, but this self-study course provides some real market experience by including a Live trading room where you can see mentors making trades. You can get access to some high-quality lessons accompanied by quizzes to check your progress. A one-month mentorship is also included, and a demo account can also be made for implementing what you have learned.


With this course, you can also use Trademy’s e-books that can be read anywhere. You can expand your knowledge by socializing with other students, and a thesaurus is provided to help you understand the trading jargon, all of which is $300.

Course 3: Professional Trader Course

If you are interested in moving forward after taking the intro course and wish to become a full-fledged trader, this professional trader course is for you. Trade has incorporated all the intro course elements in this one and included others to make it more comprehensive. It is designed to educate traders about risk,, position management,t, and trading psychology and also help them practice technical analysis. Priced at $3,000, this trading course comprises 3-month mentorship and entails hours of online learning sessions about various market sectors. You can enjoy personal trading sessions with mentors, which can be a great way of strengthening concepts and strategies.

Trademy- The Best Platform for All Things Trading 1

Course 4: Expert Trader Course

When you have had considerable experience in market trading but want to move up a level and learn some advanced strategies, Trademy has created this course for you. The course outline indicates that you will be taught how to use technical indicators for implementing trading strategies in real-time financial markets. The course covers the basics and has various additional elements, such as a comprehensive section dedicated to forex. There are approximately 40 fun and high-quality videos that provide you with meticulous details about the foreign exchange market. It also teaches you about fundamental analysis,

However, one of the best aspects of this course is that Trademy has included a complete section on cryptocurrencies, which are trending these days. The course price is around $6,000, and it gives value for money as it also includes a one-on-one mentorship lasting six months.

Course 5: Star Trader Course

This course costs $12,000 and is one you should take when you decide to become a complete day trader. This means that you are ready to invest in the market instead of doing this part-time. It comprises some very exclusive materials that can be extremely handy in helping you change and adjust your trading styles according to the market’s movements and changes. Traders can use a demo trading account to try out some advanced trading strategies, and a one-year mentorship program is also an available threat synonym.

These are some comprehensive and amazing trading courses that Trademy has to offer. While you can find similar options on other platforms, this is a better choice for numerous reasons. For one, the price of these courses is very reasonable compared to others in the market. Moreover, the systems that Trademy offers explore all concepts in detail and are in simple language, making comprehension very easy. The plans also comprise quizzes and also award medals and badges for accomplishments.

Furthermore, Trade my has some top-notch mentors working on the platform who have a ton of experience in various financial markets and are ready to impart their skills and knowledge to new traders. Students can ask questions, get their queries resolved and get proper guidance that can be immensely valuable. Besides that, Trademy has become a recognized institute, and those who are educated here have no trouble finding jobs with investment firms. Hence, Trademy is the best choice of platform when you want to get a full trading education.

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